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  1. we are using 1.7 last time and then upgraded to 1.8.xxxx unto 1.8.3443 the one we are using right now. you may now close this topic . it has been successfully addressed thank you
  2. Hi Good Morning! i want to seek your help regarding below questions. let me give you the setup. We have two MBMC Servers. One in corporate(with internet) and one in Isolated network(without internet) in this case, corporate MBMC server is in good shape we've managed to put an internet to MBMC server in isolated network just for activating its license. by that we can generate the package. after that we remove the internet. i know that you will ask me how we can update the isolated network now. I've managed to copy the updates from MBMC Corporate Server(with Internet) to MBMC Isolated Network Server(without internet) so the passing of updates is from MBMC to MBMC using powershell script. we are expecting that the MBMC server in isolated network will be unlicensed after days or monhts due to no internet connection. now this is my question Is there a retention on the server being licensed since our Malwarebytes server in isolated network does not have an internet? Note: As per policy we can’t provide permanent internet access in ICN(isolated network) network. how many days will malwarebytes license department disregard an MBMC server(become unlicensed) if it does not have internet connection? apologies for my english . if you do not understand please ask.
  3. hi guys we found out that this is the client's problem on their AD about the permissions. they gave permission on the AD account as domain admin and they've successfully logged in. the problem was fixed. thank you for your support. -kurt
  4. Hi Dyllon i just want to say thank you for your support. i found out how to download the updates in one click please see the attached file. hope this will help you guys and other people there looking for easy way to download signature updates you must rename the file extension from .txt to .ps1 and run it as administrator. it downloads signature updates and place it to C:/Data/Data Thanks! -Kurt downloadupdates.txt
  5. Hi Mr.Lazz, Ok. message sent. please check your inbox for the case number. Thank you very much
  6. i successfully import the user but he cant log in with his password we tried it to different user stil he cant log in
  7. will try it then and will get back to you as soon as i have result Cheers!
  8. Hi, Good day! We've encountered error regarding AD account used for log credentials for MBAM Console. The IP,subnet and the DNS of the server are all set. Please see attached files for the error.
  9. Hi, Good Day! I would like to ask about Malwarebytes Management Console Policy Module Updater. Please see the attached file for your reference. I want to use Download From Custom Path feature. But i don't know how? How can i configure this? what files should i share? what files should i load? how can i make a path? If this is easy to do please don't belittle me, enlighten me. thank you for your help.
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