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  1. Since Google will no longer allow the Malwarebytes Call Protection feature on the android Malwarebytes app, can Malwarebytes please make this feature in a dedicated separate stand alone app for Android? It appears Google's requirement now is that "anti-virus / security use cases are no longer permitted to access these permissions", but it seems a completely separate app that does not handle an "antivirus / security" functions would be possible. Malwarebytes reason for removal: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2981 There are other apps in the Play Store which are still availa
  2. ...I have tried Lineage OS also which is also Android 8.1. It doesn't matter. If Google Play is not installed, the Amazon Malwarebytes app always defaults to v2.1.0.5
  3. I am running Android 8.1 Copperhead OS. With no Google services or PlayStore.
  4. If you do not have Google Services on the phone, you can only install from the Amazon Store even though the Amazon Malwarebytes app urlversion you Gave me shows The Amazon page I linked to is the same page.
  5. I am unable to buy the premium Malwarerbytes android app in the Amazon app store. I downloaded the Amazon appstore app and searched for "Malwarebytes". This returned zero results. I was unable to find Malwarebytes app with the official Amazon app. So I used the browser and went to amazon.com, found the Malwarebytes App downloaded and installed it. This is verrsion There is nowhere to purchase the premium app and there is no update from Amazon past this version. There is nowhere in the app to purchase a premium license. I do not have Google Play, I do not want Google Play. I
  6. You can read about how another company has removed reliance on Google and GCM by using SSE (Server Sent Events). Wish MalwareBytes could do something similar. https://f-droid.org/en/2018/09/03/replacing-gcm-in-tutanota.html
  7. Installing the Amazon App Store app without Google Play installed on the phone works, however Malwarebytes does not have its app available on the Amazon App store. Can Malwarebytes make its mobile app availiable on the Amazon App store? Currently only Eset Anti-Malware and Comodo Antivirus apps are on the Amazon App store.
  8. My question is: Does Malwayrebytes rely on Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) or other Google services? Will the full paid version app work correctly without Google services on the phone? Our phones do not have Google, Google Play Store, GCM etc. But we would like to use Malwarebytes antivirus if the app can fully function correctly without it. I know I can download the app from other app stores, side load the app etc. Can I purchase the app within the app? Can I purchase the app from Malwarebytes if I have it installed? Can I download the app from Malwarebytes, pay for the app from Malwar
  9. Is the only reliance Malwarebytes has with Google the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for push notifications? (Aside from hosting the Malwarebytes app on Google Play). Use Pushy instead of GCM (for one example). It is a replacement for GCM but each app developer must manually embed Pushy in their apps. Pushy cannot itself be flashed onto a non-GMS phone to replace GCM. Malwarebytes app development should support devices without GMS, you can embed the Pushy SDK in your app and it will work on these devices, instead of using GCM. I think there is a growing market for people and compa
  10. Please make a version that does not rely on Google services (GCM, Google Play etc.) downloadable from malwarebytes.com. My organization does not have Google services on their android phones but we would like to use Malwarebytes on our android deployments.
  11. I use android without the Google Play Store. Can I use and buy Malwarebytes premium without Google Play? Will it function correctly with GCM? Can I purchase Malwarebytes within the app itself without having to go through Google? The (actual) Amazon App store is not an option either. The Amazon app store relies on GCM and won't even install on my device.
  12. What happens after the trial of Anti-Exploit expires? Does it continue to function with less protection?
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