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  1. It was not fixed in v2017.05.10.02 5/10/2017 1:15:53 AM Database upgraded to version v2017.05.10.02 5/10/2017 2:00:00 AM Executing scheduled scan Threat Detected v2017.05.10.03 came out around 4:00AM CST v2017.05.10.04 came out around 6:00AM CST v2017.05.10.05 came out around 9:00AM CST Can we get confirmation this has been remediated?
  2. Same issue here. This is a Dell out-of-the-box application part of Dell Backup and Recovery Manager. Has anyone run mbam.exe /developer and uploaded the log files yet?
  3. Was there a recent Malwarebytes definition update that flagged this application? The reason I ask is that we have been running the Enterprise version for about 6 months now. On 10/8/2016 we starting getting alerts from systems on our network saying they are infected with PUP.Optional.SlimCleanerPlus however the log files show these were installed on the machines since last year.
  4. Howdy, We deployed the Managed Client to our environment without creating a Start Menu and Desktop Icon. A request has come from my upstream that those be added. From the Management Console I've tried the following: Malwarebytes Management Console > Admin > Client Push Install > Scan IP range > Used my machine as a test machine > Right Clicked selected Client Push Install Unchecked “Do not create a start menu and desktop icons” > Shows installed successfully Unchecked “Install Anti-Malware” Rebooted> No joy Malwarebytes Management Console > Admin > Clie
  5. Howdy Lazz, Thank you for your reply. If I remove the AD OU won't it take all the client objects with it? Will I need to redeploy Malwarebytes to those clients or just scan their IP scopes to rediscover them? Thank you
  6. Howdy I'm having a issue with moving computer objects in MMC and couldn't find anything on the support forums. I imported all my computer objects from my domain. I've created Group Container folders for how I would like them sorted so them can have their Policies applied. I'm not finding a was to move them from my domain folders to the individual container folders I've created. Can anyone provide some guidance? Thank you
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