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  1. I would like to buy your Android version for a couple of phones; I have credit card details stored on your website. Can I buy the Android subscription from my Malwarebytes account?
  2. I was having problems with saving, saving as, and print to PDF from Microsoft Office programs until I read (elsewhere) that Malwarebytes was the culprit and that I should turn off protection for M$ applications. Tried that .... all OK now. The first indication was when Print to PDF stopped working (crash) in Excel a couple of months ago. Sorry, can't be more specific that that. I am a retired programmer and feel sorry for MB developers having to work around, with and against changes to multiple operating systems, other manufacturers' updates, etc. It caused me to lose the best par
  3. Someone from MB will chime in soon .... when they have a fix. If not MB, it will be the Russians.
  4. After some initial, problems, MB has been very stable for many months. Wishing and waiting.
  5. Same problem(s) here. We live in "interesting times" ... if the hacking protector has been hacked, where do we go from here? Snail mail?
  6. Having installed the update (mb3-setup-consumer-, this is still happening occasionally on one of my laptops and regularly on another. The regular one will not start real-time protection without a re-boot. This is quite annoying, especially as it is my wife's computer <grin>. Is there late news or advice? PS: I have uninstalled and re-installed to no avail.
  7. Could this be related to the frequency of checking updates? I have hourly checks set and have changed it to six-hourly. Will watch and see.
  8. I can report that Malwarebytes no longer reports QuickShadowMsg.dll. Thanks.
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