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  1. Well you all sound like Mcafee stock holder to me, Mcafee is a "SCAM " and you know it, I brought a brand new computer (PC) it coast me 500$ with tax and right away I stared getting pop ups from Mcafee saying I had a virus and my computer was going to crash within so many minutes if I didn't pay them 400$ to stop it, they gave me a state side PH number to call and I got a man in India, his name was ahmed or something, So being naïve at the time I let him come into my computer and he stuck all kind of spy ware in my computer. And I said I did not have 400$ and he said well give me 300$ and I told him I just got thru paying 400$ to buy it, and he said ( FOR U I MAKE DEAL, GIVE ME 250$). AND AT THAT POINT I GOT VERY UPSET AND I SAID, I make deal with you, give me 100$ and I let you kiss me ass. At that point everything went south, and to this day I still get their pop ups, not as many but I still get them. so I took my computer to school and let my instructor look at it, who teaches computers by the way, and he said there trying to screw you over, and he took out the spyware. So not long after that I started getting more Mcafee pop ups so I took it to my buddy who has a IQ of 130 and use to be the manager of Geek Squad at Best Buy. and a bachelors of (IT) as well.and as soon as I said Mcafee he said get rid of them. "SCAM"
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