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  1. I've removed Malware bytes using the mbam-clean, but just like all the other programs, whenever I try to install it via the chameleon or just by running the setup I am getting, depending how am I trying to start it. Using the chameleon I am getting error #1, using the normal setup I am getting error #2 1. External exception: C000001D2. Privileged Instructions3. A program caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program (Windows error message)
  2. Update 2: From all the programs that I've tried so far (dds.scr, SUPERAntiSpyware.exe mbam-chameleon, Hitman Pro 64x, Zemara, RKill, ESET Online Scanner, Rouge Killer and The Exception Privileged Instruction Virus Removal tool) I am getting one of the following messages: 1. External exception: C000001D 2. Exceotion Privilege 3. A program caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program (Windows error message) (Note: Only NPE managed to start its process, but it is not displaying any window)
  3. Google Chrome is closing as soon as I click the "Change" button in the "Downloads" setting and Mozila firefox is being closed as soon as I click "Setting"
  4. Just a quick update. I tried RKill and after that I tried to run any anti-virus software and they are still not working. (plus NPE, Anti-Malware Malwarebytes, and the ESET Online scanner)
  5. Here are the both files. The version is "". Since I can not start the program I used "Right Click>Properties>Details" and there I saw Product/File version: which was wrong. I apologise for the mistake.
  6. Hello, Today I faced a problem that I have never experienced before. First the web browers that I usually use (google chrome) started crashing whenever I was trying to download a file. I found that a little strange so I restarted my computer, and suddenly Skype started giving me an error while trying to load (It is set as a startup program). I tried the second browser that I have installed (Mozilla Firefox) and I experienced the same issue, crashing whenever I try to download something (example Malwarebytes Anti-malware). I have an old version of the program installed on my PC (ver
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