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  1. Same EXACT issue just started on my ver. Had a red !, so I tried updating manually... goes thru the motions BUT does not update. Exiting MB and/or restarting fixes it for a few seconds then it is back to doing the same again
  2. Any access to sites via ddns.net resolution is blocked by MB. I tried multiple ddns domains. Direct IP access is fine. Is this a FP or is MB now actively blocking ddns.net completely. Ty.
  3. ddns.net is completely blocked by MB since today. All subdomains under ddns.net are inaccessible via name resolution. Direct IP access is fine. Please advise whether MB considers ddns.net a threat or if this is FP. TY.
  4. The IP getting blocked in the log is is and resolves to server-54-192-143-25.sfo5.r.cloudfront.net by a ping -a reverse DNS lookup. ping -a Pinging server-54-192-143-25.sfo5.r.cloudfront.net [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=15ms TTL=246 Reply from bytes=32 time=17ms TTL=246 Reply from bytes=32 time=16ms TTL=246 Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=246 it is registered to .net not .link am I misunderstanding? Where is MB finding a DNS entry for this IP ad
  5. Respectfully That is not an answer to the question!! Cmon please read the actual post THOSE IP ADDRESSES ARE NOT REGISTERED TO A .LINK DOMAIN which is getting blocked has a registered DNS name of server-54-192-143-25.sfo5.r.cloudfront.net PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY it is getting flagged as a .LINK DOMAIN!!! Hope the caps made the actual question i asked more visible to you. Thank you. My guess is you will not respond to this thread again since you assume you answered the question which you did not. I may have to repost this issue to get an actual answe
  6. I understand that MB is now blocking gTLD ".link", however MB is blocking websites and marking them as belonging to the "app.link" domain when in fact I cannot find the correlation anywhere. The site Break.com loads various background content from various Amazon owned servers that are registered to the Cloudfront.net domain. These IP addresses are getting flagged by MB and tagged with the .link domain even though if I do a reverse lookup on these IPs they all resolve to Cloudfront with a .net TLD. Doing a WhoIS shows the same info as well as the registered owner belonging to Amazon. I
  7. Do you ever sleep! LOL You are a lean mean replying machine Fr33tux! Your dedication is as wonderful as your product! Thank you again!
  8. So, I usually post a few False Positives here from time to time. Fr33tux, you have been excellent in the speed your responses every time! Within the last few days AdwCleaner is flagging DsSvc which is MS Data Sharing Service. PC is scanned with Avira, MBAM 3.0, RogueKiller, Hitman Pro, and Emsisoft to confirm no issues. All running Processes were scanned against VirusTotal DB via ProcessExplorer. Logs below, please advise. TY. # AdwCleaner v6.047 - Logfile created 30/05/2017 at 12:23:11 # Updated on 19/05/2017 by Malwarebytes # Database : 2017-05-30.1 [Serve
  9. If you cant trust MB to be doing its job anymore and nothing is being done whats the point. I need to feel warm and fuzzy like MB has my back. ...and I don't anymore. I have MB so I am secure, not even more paranoid tat it's going to turn off and not start at its leisure.
  10. Same here wtf is going on with this bs? I've been a long time supporter for 8+ years but this is ridiculous. 3.0.6 always bugged out intermittently when starting windows. Not all services would start.. web or exploit would be in limbo "starting". No settings would help. Restarts sometimes hit or miss. Started to bug out and no settings combo would fix it. self protection on or off.. delay start, nothing. Stuck at starting. Update to 3.1.2 now and it all turned on for 5 min then a popup that crap is turned off again. Cannot turn it on. I'm sick of this crap MB. Seriously guys.
  11. Thanks so much for you amazingly quick responses as always!
  12. I run MBAM 3.06 and Avira AV manually every 2-3 days aside fr om realtime protection.. I also routinely scan with RogueKiller and Hitman Pro from time to time. AdwCleaner detected these 2 reg entries today but not in prior scans from last week. I've accustomed to having false positives with adw from time to time and have had issues posted and resolved here by the wonderful Fr33tux. MBAM, Avira, Roguekiller, Hitman Pro 3.7, MSisoft Emergency Kit Scanner all are clean. devdiv is apparently a key related to Visual Studio which I have had installed. Fr33tux, can you confirm thi
  13. OK False Positive is gone! TY for your ALWAYS extremely fast response fr33tux!!!!! You are awesome!!!!
  14. FYI- Old Malwarebytes forum "Expert" David H Lipman responds to similar question and says these are legit folders.
  15. EDIT: All 3 my PCs have these folders as well as a couple of family/friends PCs that I have just consulted with. These folders appear to be legitimate. Please advise on whether this is a false pos.
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