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  1. I have not had to reboot the server since I uninstalled the Anti-Exploit client.
  2. I have not made any policy changes yet but as I mentioned, I uninstalled Anti-Exploit yesterday. So far today, I don't have any of the MBAE CLI tasks in task manager and the server is responding normally. Usually by this time, I've had to reboot. I'm going to run in this configuration for a few days and see what happens. I will update next week. Thanks.
  3. What do you recommend for the setting? The current setting isn't causing issues on any other server. Thanks
  4. I have a server (2012 R2) that stops responding to network requests almost every morning and has to be rebooted to resolve. When looking at task manager, I find multiple tasks for Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit CLI (32 bit) running (see attached). If I try to end task on them or kill them, they do not go away. I have also uploaded the contents of the entire directory that contains the logs. There aren't any red flags in any of the Windows event logs. In an attempt to see if Anti-Exploit was causing the issue, I stopped the serviced and disabled it. I had the same issue the next morning, along with multiple tasks in the task manager. I have now uninstalled Anti-Exploit and will see what happens tomorrow. This started happening not long after upgrading to MBAE I don't know if MBAE is the cause but given all of the tasks which show up in task manager, even with the service disabled, it seems possible. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  5. Hi @djacobson I'm not sure I understand your question? Are you asking why I'm curious if they management console is going to be fixed? Thanks, Brad
  6. Thanks r042wal for posting your fix. That worked for me too. Malwarebytes - Is the management console going to be updated to account for the changes in Microsoft technologies? Central management capability is key for a business class product such as this. Thanks
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