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  1. one last question. where can i download the newest console/server versions?
  2. Completed the uninstall/reinstall. Replaced the databases with the copies, restarted the service (it actually is starting now) and everything seems to be working correctly. thank you so much for the assistance.
  3. Waiting for a time when I can uninstall and down the server. It is production and in use. Will update once I have results or if it will not uninstall.
  4. Ok. Will try that as soon as possible. Have to wait for a maintenance window, hopefully this weekend.
  5. That is the service i cannot get to run. It starts and then stops right away, no error other than to say it started and then stopped right away. When I started working on this today, it did say that it was started. When i stopped it, it would not restart.
  6. No system restores or recovery. the only thing that was done to that server some what recently was windows updates.
  7. upgrade? this was a new install in march, using the newest download at the time. client listed as 1.8, so i thought that was the version. my apologies.
  8. To your earlier question, no it has not been moved. The database files are on the local disk C:
  9. Got the file. Can i send it to you direct? It appears to have company and IP info in it that may be sensitive.
  10. We are using the default SQL installed with the product. SQL service starts and runs fine.
  11. Tiny. 16 and 8 MB respectively. We only have 15 deployed machines currently.
  12. Hello, Running Malwarebites Endpoint Security 1.8 (installed in March) and it has been great for months. Users started getting notified that their client was out of date so they contacted me. Upon investigation the console was reporting the product licensed, but "Unable to contact server to verify your license key error" Tried to restart the Malwarebytes Management Service service and it will not stay started. No error except that it started and stopped immediately. Now the console will not open at all. the only error i can find in the event log is attached to this post vi
  13. no problem. Just so you know, i did contact support (one of my first steps) via email and was told that they do not support the beta anti ransomeware at all, and they referred me to the blogs. First i posted in the anti-ransomeware blog that they referred me to and i was told that it was out of scope for that blog. They told me to post in the malware removal blog, and i never got anything back. It could easily be overlooked, i just hope that someone will end up seeing it and it can help improve the product. Anyway, again, thank you for your responses. Much appreciated!
  14. Thank you for the response, and as if have stated, I understand its beta and not going to be perfect. I love the malwarebytes products and have been very happy with them in the past. I am also very happy that no files were encrypted and i was able to recover them, so its all good. All i was indicating is that i submitted the requested logs/directories and heard nothing about them. It would be nice know if it was an actual infection or just a false positive, not to mention why the machine because unusable (though this would have been better info to know before the machine was rebuilt).
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