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  1. I have the exact same problem. I also just updated Win 7 with a security update.
  2. So I should restore it. Good I asked, thank you.
  3. Hello, ADW just deleted this: ***** [ Registry ] ***** Key Found: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{6ABB1C11-E261-4CEA-BBB5-3836225689DD} Can anyone see what it was?
  4. Ok, thank you. I looked at the Quarantine logfile due ignorance, that's why I couldn't find anything.
  5. Ah crap. How do I get those files back? Were they even important? I looked them up, but I'm still not sure. M PC certainly works fine so far.
  6. I ahve the same question. I had the files C:\windows\SysNative\wecutil.exe and C:\windows\SysWOW64\wecutil.exe They seem to be the legitimate files, but I'm not sure.
  7. Hello, Since today my Anti-ransomware gives me the message seen in the screenshot. I already reinstalled twice (the newest version of course, but this message appears only when reinstalling the older one, otherwise I get no message) but without any success. The cons "fix now" or "start protection" can't even be clicked. Can someone help?
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