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  1. I had to override my Pc objections. They repotted that most people polled removed this program. I have no idea where they got this data. I have a lifetime subscription and in all the years I have used it I have never had a negative experience and, factually, Malwarebytes has saved by butt on many occasions. So, if you intend to buy/activate I am putting this out there for anyone who is concerned or hesitant. please buy and use in confidence. Hope this helps
  2. thank you. I have lost important data and so far nothing has helped. I hope should a fix come you will notify me.
  3. my pc windows 10 has been encrypt with Ransomware. I have not had any success in finding a way to remove the encryption while restoring my files. I thought that Malware does not address this problem. The letter that came with it asked for money to decrypt it. nobody should pay the ransom.Well, more to the point, can anybody help? AJUUOVHNLP-DECRYPT.txt
  4. I am using windows 10. when I installed the program , I was advised that ransomware was not set, so I pressed on. I went to the program to set the off condition to ON but it would not change. Can somebody help?
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