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  1. Well, it's been just about a week and I have had no crashes. The machine has been up 100% of the time with everything running but Malwarebytes. I do a bunch of things on my machine. This past week, I have done some gaming, played around with Bluestacks and also did some testing using a VMware virtual machine with several differenct x86-Android images, not to mention the normal browsing, doing some Office stuff, etc. I think it is safe to say that nothing hardware/other software related was causing the crashes. Today, I did a reboot and started Malwarebytes on login. I disabled Malicious website protection for now and see how it goes.
  2. Well, wouldn't you know it. I thought I did enough testing to post some results and tonight I had another crash. This time, I set up a task as you suggested and had it fire off 30 minutes after I logged in. A couple hours later, "see ya!!". Now I need to run without Malwarebytes running at all for maybe a week and see what happens to eliminate any other possible issue besides Malwarebytes. This last crash happened when I was in the browser and had clicked on a youtube link. If the computer runs ok, I'll start Malwarebytes with Malware protection and website protection turned off and run that for a week then go from there.
  3. I think I can reasonably confirm, for me anyway, that BitDefender 2016 and MalwareBytes Premium do not play nicely with each other causing a crash with BAD_POOL_HEADER. I can also reasonably confirm that stopping MalwareBytes from running when Windows starts, elminates the crashes. I have turned off MalwareBytes from running when Windows starts then start it afterwards and the computer runs flawlessly for a couple day test. Whenever I change it back to running when Windows starts, it will crash within a few hours. I have switched back and forth 3 times, so for the 3 times that MalwareBytes has started with Windows, it crashes within a few hours and for the other 3 times that it hasn't started with Windows, the PC runs until I switch MalwareBytes back over to running when Windows has started. Hopefully Malwarebytes can fix this since I'm paying for real time protection and now that my test is over, I won't be consciously thinking about manually starting Malwarebytes.
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