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  1. Will MBAM ever have a self-protection capability. It would be nice to have MBAM abe to protect itsel from process termination.
  2. No problems upgrading to the newest version for me.
  3. Their website lists Vista as supported, but I cannot confirm as I don't use it. This thread at Wilders suggests that indded it does support 64-bit.
  4. Actually, the way LnS works, applications and the ruleset function independently. So, the rule you described needs to be enabled. It will have no effect on whether or not a user is prompted to allow applications to access the internet. The only way the user will noit be prompted is if LnS is locked via password protection, but even then applications that have an m5d checksum that has changed are prompted again.
  5. Really? It is a fantastic rule-based firewall. It doesn't do anything but be a barrier between me and the net; no popup blocking, no ad or cookie blocking, etc. As is the case withh all rule-based firewalls, LnS is no better than the ruleset that is used with it. PM me is you want to know more. Check it out here.
  6. Thank you all very much for your candor. I would like to apologize to anyone I may have offended in any way, and I know there were a few out they. I am sorry. I do get like that sometimes when I find a product I like. Anyone who frequents Wilders can atest to that.... I did not mean to ruffle as many feathers as I did. Again, I am sorry. Nathan
  7. That is what I mean....all of it, not just some of it. Thank you for proving my point. I really don't understand why everyone is getting so upset. I wonder why all forums act the same; a user says one negative things about a product and they get nailed for it relentlessly. And, certainly, there is no need for personal attacks. Clearly, everyone here has a different definition of the term malware than I do. While it is unfortunate that I now might have to think of adding an AV to my setup, I still like MBAM. However, perhaps I should leave (and request a refund) is for nothing more than to make a statement about the behaviour of some of the people here. Detection capabilities aside, there is no need for any of this. The bottom line should be protection of the user. Some of the comments presented here suggest that is not the case. If you are intent on being malicious that is your perogative. However, negtative forum posts, and especially the extremely negative PMs, directed towards me have been over the line.
  8. You right. I'm upset about this, about the definition of the term 'malware'. There are users out there that say nothing and just accept things the way they are, as you are asking me to do now, but I'm not that type of person. If I see something wrong, I will bring attention to it. Of course, this is just my opinion, and as such cannot be debated. It is relevant to me because I feel like I bought MBAM, and suggested it to others, based on the idea that it truly was, as its name states, an 'anti-malware' solution, which it is not because not everything is categorized as such. I wish I could undo my purchase and leave here because it seems anyone that points out that the king indeed has no clothes on it a 'troll' even if they have no intention of being one. There are no products I can thing of that call themselves 'anti-malware', that do not at least attemp to cover all the bases. A-squared AM catches a lot of virii, but it is expensive. Thus, I thought this would be a good option.
  9. A layered defense shouldn't be needed if it lived up to its name. Tell me his, why do you not consider virii as malware? I find it very convenient that MB chooses what it wants to define as malware and what it does not.
  10. Except, you are missing one very important aspect of the term, and that is virii. That is a category which MBAM doesn't cover and it just happens to be the most important. Again, it's the fact that MBAM doesn't even attempt to live up to its name by even trying to cover all the bases. If it did then there would be no need for an AV.
  11. There isn't one. Also, though, notice that the detection of 'virii' is not listed for MBAM. So, it is a moot point.
  12. I'm simply saying that the general perception on many forums, because of the name, is that MBAM covers all types of malware, and that is not true.
  13. Well now you're just stuttering. What are you asking me?
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