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  1. Dell Inspiron 5567 would not reboot and went to automatic repair screen. After reinstalling Windows 10 on my sisters computer I ran Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner 7040.Malwarebytes removed all but one entry which AdwCleaner found and tried to remove on reboot.I had to reinstall Windows 10 again and decided not to try again because it was in the Windows.Old folder and will be removed at a later date.
  2. Free version but I think you gave me a key a while back.I gave Norton the boot as you can see.
  3. Thanks,so this is going to be interesting once I send them this screenshot.It may be impossible to recreate how this happened though.
  4. Does anyone know if the trial version says it reactivates in 61 days?
  5. I have Norton Security Deluxe on a Windows 10 Enterprise VM that I am trying out and somehow Malwarebytes activated.I will send you a screenshot but send me a private link because this may be a valid licence.
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