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  1. Thx guys for fixing this so quickly. This is why I always recommend Malwarebytes!!!👍👍
  2. Definite false positive. I checked it through Virustotal and Malwarebytes is the only program that is detecting this file as having a trojan. However, since it was an older setup file for the DisplayFusion program I went ahead and let it quarantine it anyway.
  3. Although this was posted in 2016, I STILL have the same problem and I am way past the version mentioned. The problem that I have is a little different. Malwarebytes does not delete the whole PlayOn folder. It simply deletes the mediamall.exe file which is the PlayOn executable. I do not get any message whatsoever from Malwarebytes. It took me some time to find out what program was doing this. I added an exception in Malwarebytes and the file deletion has stopped so I know that it is Malwarebytes that is deleting the file. I find it VERY strange that Malwarebytes deletes the file without any mention anywhere of having done so.
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