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  1. Thx guys for fixing this so quickly. This is why I always recommend Malwarebytes!!!👍👍
  2. Definite false positive. I checked it through Virustotal and Malwarebytes is the only program that is detecting this file as having a trojan. However, since it was an older setup file for the DisplayFusion program I went ahead and let it quarantine it anyway.
  3. Although this was posted in 2016, I STILL have the same problem and I am way past the version mentioned. The problem that I have is a little different. Malwarebytes does not delete the whole PlayOn folder. It simply deletes the mediamall.exe file which is the PlayOn executable. I do not get any message whatsoever from Malwarebytes. It took me some time to find out what program was doing this. I added an exception in Malwarebytes and the file deletion has stopped so I know that it is Malwarebytes that is deleting the file. I find it VERY strange that Malwarebytes deletes the file without any m
  4. There must be an issue with file corruption. Thanks for the help. This recommendation also fixed the same problem with Malwarebytes on my computer.
  5. Not only a false positive but it completely screws the system when it is removed. If you are a Windows Insider, it will cause all of the future preview build installs to fail. I even set it as an exclusion several times only to have Malwarebytes Antiransomware remove it again. Now when I try and restore it in the Antiransomware program, the restore fails. I have had to remove the Malwarebytes Antiransomware program and I have spent days trying to clean this one up. I still have not got it cleaned up. PCTyson
  6. " except for some of their tools which are often bundled by malware ". In all likelihood there is probably no really good way to make exceptions within Malwarebytes to the Nirsoft tools without incidentally allowing those with evil in mind to bundle the utilities within their malware. In retrospect, I would rather Malwarebytes require me to go through some of these tedious steps to allow these excellent Nirsoft utilities rather than to have malware slip in.
  7. Nirsoft.net is a WELL respected site with MANY excellent free utilities. Nir Sofer does a great service by providing these utilities free of charge. I understand that many of them can be used for nefarious purposes by ill meaning people. Even so, just because a program can be used improperly, it does not mean that it is malware.You will find Nirsoft.net mentioned by some of the most respected tech people around. Windows Secrets , for example, points to 37 pages where the utilities are mentioned and recommended. It is becoming very tiresome to have to reboot and then exclude Nirsoft programs an
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