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  1. It has been resolved, after 7 hours of picking the internet apart i used, CCleaner, uninstalled Chrome, Ran Malware bytes, researched my regedit, and then finally ran a full PC scan which took 3 hours! Rebooted 5 times since then to assure everything is back to normal. Hope none of you ever get this like I did. Its a sneaky bastard.
  2. Look, if this doesn't sum up my problem I don't know what does. The weirdest thing is look at the dates in which every internet post was made. This doesn't seem like its right.
  3. Hello, I recently turned on my computer and noticed that when I opened google chrome it popped up on a blank page called, navigation.iwatchavi.com. I checked to see if my browser setup was wrong and it wasn't. I tried a quick clean up of my browser setting on chrome. It fixed it for a few times but after a reboot it was back. I uninstalled and reinstalled chrome, no help. I've searched for it in registry editor, NOTHING!! The only help Google has is to download SpyHunter4 and I am positive that is not going to work because I've dealt with that fiasco in the past. The is no application installe
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