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  1. I meant the recovery tool, since when I ran the fix, with the fixlist you provided, the extension hasn't made it's appearance yet. But anyway, so far today and yesterday after the fix, nothing malicious has appeared I guess you cured it. Thank you very much!
  2. Thank you for you reply I didn't have any problems today... yet (only just turned on my computer). Except privoxy, which so far malwarebytes seems to block. I ran the fix. Should I run it again if or when helper2 makes its appearance? Fixlog.txt
  3. It appeared as I was expecting, so I have new logs, where the helper2 is included. It seems to appear when I'm idle on my pc. If I step out for 15 mins, when I'm back, the ninja extension is back too. FRST1.txt Addition1.txt
  4. Thanks. I got the backdoor agent again today, but so far this helper2 hasn't appeared. I'm quite confident it will appear later though, as always. Find the logs in the attachements. FRST.txt AdditionRecovery.txt
  5. Hello everybody, (sorry if this is the wrong forum for the topic) I have problems with an extension called helper2 on firefox and google chrome. I have purchased Malwarebytes anti-malware few months ago and it was working fine until last couple weeks, when this seemingly unkillable extension is hijacking my browsers. At first Malwarebytes seem to catch a backdoor agent and put it in quarantine. After that, about an hour later, firefox crashes and closes. When I reopen it, most of the websites (including Malwarebytes website) have hyperlinks and pop-ups. No matter where I click, on the pages, I get redirected to another website with random ads. I scan with malwarebytes, having advanced heuristic scan ticked, rootkits as well and scan within archives. I have PUP and PUM detections to treat as malware. Malware protection and Malicious website protection are also enabled. But even though Malwarebytes detects those stuff and notifies me that it put those in quarantine, the whole thing is going through and messes up my browsers anyway. My routine is to download the latest AdwCleaner, run it, scan the system and clean it. After the essential restart, everything is gone and running fine, until next day when everything comes back. I don’t use anything illegal as far as I know. I don’t use torrents and I don’t visit the usual suspects of websites, known for having malware stuff. I’m trying to avoid clean reinstallation of Windows 10, because I will have backup with loads of files and programs which I’ll bring back. I don’t know how deep this firefox@helper2 has rooted in my system. My backup files might bring it back. I don’t know what to do anymore. Is there a way to get rid of this thing? Thanks in advance. P.S. I noticed that on Chrome, the extension is visible and can be removed when it appears, with just a click. However, on Firefox it doesn’t appear anywhere. Also, sometimes the whole thing resets my homepage another search engine called protectedio.
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