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  1. I have a ticket open with support for a week now to address this issue with 1.7 managed client version. I didn't have this problem in 1.6.1, but trying to push the updated version to a test group of 1.6.1 installed clients using the "client push install" results in that error for 95% of those endpoints. All the endpoints were built with the same image, sit in the same OU in AD, and I'm trying to push using the same domain account which successfully installed the 1.6.1 managed client. I am able to install some with SCCM, but even that hasn't been 100% effective vs the 1.6.1 version.
  2. Grrr... Sorry guys, your email got marked as spam. checking now.
  3. Well, I followed your link and submitted a ticket, but never received a confirmation email (All fields had a green check). I created an account, but my submission doesn't show. If I try to create a new case it shows: Email Us (Consumer).
  4. More accurately, are there any issues with shrinking the db then setting the initial size to something like 1g with x% growth, and are there any recommended values for initial size and growth?
  5. We got a notification over the weekend that the db was at 327g out 10g and we should upgrade to standard SQL, which is funny since this is an external db install! Per this thread: our DBA has truncated the tables, but says the initial db size is set to 327g (for about 1200 endpoints) and even though she can shrink the db, the size of the db will remain at 327g. The management console is extremely pokey and takes several minutes to become usable when starting. If I accidentally click on the home tab then I can expect another few minutes before I can do anything else. How can we shrink the db and get the initial size to a more manageable number? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Ron. The issue seems to be centered around a certain group of PCs. I'm currently installing on the rest and will engage support when I get back to the "problem" computers.
  7. Hi, first post. We recently installed Endpoint suite where I work and I'm pushing it out to our PCs by scanning the subnets and doing a client push. This morning I picked 4 PCs out of a /24 scan IP range to simulate install, lets say -, 3, 5, and 6. I highlighted the four, right-clicked, and simulated push install. .1 and .3 passed, but now I'm seeing "Simulating" and the status icon is just spinning. It's been like this for about 20 minutes now. The other two still show "In queue for simulation". I didn't pick .4, so why is it trying to simulate an install, and better yet, how to I stop it? I saw something similar this morning on an install, and that's why I'm doing the simulation first. There was one "stuck" installing that required me to reboot the server to clear. I didn't remember seeing that IP in the "computers found" window either. Maybe this is the same issue? Mbam ver: Windows 2012R2 Server. Thanks.
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