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  1. Here is the .exe file im not sure it will work to run it seens you need all the .dlls and some other files, but i cant upload it here seens the cap is on 30MB and the whole .zip with everything is 39MB TurboMGR.rar
  2. Hello so i have doiwloaded a program for diablo 3, its a third party program that show you things on the map etc it draws Direct2D things on screen to make the game better in my opinion but thats not why im here. So i have talked to the dev of the program and he says that alot of AV says that its a virus seens it reads diablo 3's memory to draw Direct2D info on the screen. So i wanted to report this as false positive seens alot of people use it and says it's not a virus. Link to there website: http://turbohud.freeforums.net/ TurboHUD Malwarebytes.txt
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