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  1. Hi, No BSODs so far. I've not been intensively using my PC, just a few hours each day but normally I would have expected a BSOD by now with the settings from pre 29 March, based on the frequency of the 27 or so BSODs that I got after that date.
  2. Hi Maurice, Thanks for the heads-up ! I just got a mail from BD suggesting the same thing (disable Block port scans ) so it looks like we're on to something !! They ask me to run a few days with the BD function disabled and MBAM real time malicious web protection enabled and let them know if I get any crashes. Will keep you posted !!
  3. Hi, Hopefully this is a final comment on this issue. Last week BD people said their tech team acknowledged the issue and were working on a fix. When ready they will advise me of the update.
  4. Hi Maurice, Just had a message from BD people that my solution is one of two options; 1. Deactivate MBAM real time malicious webe protection - (which I currently have done) 2. Go back to Bitdefender 2015 if MBAM 2016 with MBAM realtime malicious web protection activated. All my programs have the latest uploads !! thanks for all your help, much appreciated !!! Colin
  5. Hi Maurice, Seems my system is from Wortmann AG (Germany) and the model is Terra_Mobile_1512/1712 hope this helps !!
  6. Hi Maurice, Don't thinkmy system board is by Asus, but don't know how to confirm/check this. If you let me know how to determine it I will get back to you. Thanks again for all your help
  7. Hi Maurice, Ok, thanks. Situation is now as you suggested (exclusions set etc). I'll continue now using the pc and hopefully will not need to come back to the forum with questions. Many thanks !!!!
  8. Hi Maurice, Thanks for the clarification on mwac. I do have the latest version of MBAM. On 'whocrashed', I am sure you know more about them and many other 'problem analysers/advisers' than I do. My main point was to let you know I had run the program and that was the message it gave. Just to confirm; is my way forward now to continue with the exclusions I've made and also leave MBAM real-time web protection switched off. Thanks in advance
  9. Further reading/searching has suggested that I get the latest version/update of "mwac.sys". Can someone give me the latest version/update and tell me how to correctly install it and uninstall my current version. Thanks !!
  10. OK, the file I missed was actually the mbampt.exe file................but its added now !!
  11. Hi again, I noticed the IceColdDiesel had four MBAM files listed to be added to the exclusions list. Maurice had a fifth one listed; 'mbam.exe'. Should I add this also ?? ColinT
  12. Thanks IceColdDiesel !!!.............just made the exclusions................and sorry I missed you off my thanks list in my last post :-( ColinT
  13. Sorry, forgot to add; I ran WhoCrashed a few days ago and it concluded that "mwac.sys" was the cause of my BSOD crashes.
  14. Hi, I'm starting this 'new'topic at Maurice's suggestion after adding my 'íssue' to the topic created by KostasD- thanks Maurice !!. A brief update; At the time of me commenting in KostasD's topic I had put MBAM exclusions in BD and BD's exclusions in MBAM (although I could not find the link or button for 'both' in the BD settings). I had also switched off MBAM real-time protection (which I would rather keep switched on !!) and kept all BD settings as before the BSODs. Since then I have had no BSODs (26 had occurred before in the previous month). Note that my BD settings for 'on-acce
  15. Hi Guys, I'm confused ! First I get the impression that MBAM is the cause, specifically mwac.sys. But now USASMA says "The driver bdfwfpf.sys is the issue here", which is a Bitdefender driver. Can somebody help me because I have the same set up as KostasD (Windows version, MBAM version and BD version), and my BSODs (26 sofar) started on 29 March PS: Could my problem be caused by an update of MBAM or Bitdefender shortly before or on 29 March ? Thanks for anybody's help. I'm in the middle of an important project requiring word processing and I've lost amonth already :-(
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