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  1. Hi there, The laptop (Windows 10) I am currenly working on (family machine - not work machine) keeps displaying a notice (for riskware) any time I access any page on Chrome. How can I get rid of it? Thanks!
  2. Thank you, Aura, I will probably reach out to Dashke, this was very helpful, particularly the scam report. Thank you!
  3. Hello team! A user requested to know why this platform is being blocked by our program (bitconnect.co). Can you provide some information on the block? Thank you!
  4. Hello team, Can you please clarify the reason for the blocking of xxx.essaypro.com? Thank you!
  5. Hi team, I received a query about the above stated website - can you provide some information as to why this is being blocked, please? "Domain: xxx.canadapharmacy.com IP Address: Type: Outbound" Thanks!
  6. Hi team, Can you check on the website and IP address posted above, and confirm if this is a correct detection or an FP? Attaching block notice- Thank you!
  7. Thanks Mieke! I will follow up with the user. Cheers!
  8. Hi Team, A user has reported this program being detected and blocked: FTPexpert de Visicom Media He has forwarded a screenshot with the files being detected and blocked (1), which I am attaching. He has been using the program since 2006 (2). Can you have a look at this and let me know if it is an FP? Thanks!
  9. Hi Team, Can you check why this website is being blocked? xxx.tammystravels.yolasite.com IP: Block notice attached. Thanks!
  10. Hi Team, Can you advise why the above website/IP are being blocked, and what needs to be done to resolve the block? Thanks!
  11. Hi team, Can you check if this is a FP or let me know why the website is being blocked? Reported by a user. Again, website is xxx.tagged.com, IP address for block is Thanks!
  12. Hi Team, Can you check on the status of this Website, and let me know why we're blocking it? drudgereport.com Block notification with IP Thank you!
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