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  1. No problem. Could you tell me what this process will do, like what is in that .txt file? Is it just removing a few empty registry items or did you notice malware this addresses? Thanks.
  2. Here is the information you asked for... Log file links... Addition.txt FRST.txt Also, these are the things Norton Power Eraser warned me about... Registry error (which it said it fixed) C:\Windows\Tasks\CreateExplorerShellUnelevatedTask.job (Not sure what's in this or if I could just delete it) C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-2604578423-1325664717-4041599089-1001 (For now I disabled this task from running) I also see User_Feed_Synchronization-{18F9BE0A-7447-462A-B043-D03C5309F76E} but have no idea if I should be concer
  3. Right I messaged you with the files in your inbox here on the forum. Did you not get them? I was concerned posting the files here could cause a security or privacy issue.
  4. Tried to go to squarespace.com today (a popular site) and mistyped the URL. Norton Power Eraser popped up and said a large amount of outgoing traffic was detected and recommended running Power Eraser. I did and it said it fixed the registry but still lists C:\Windows\System32\Tasks OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-2604578423-1325664717-4041599089-1001 and C:\Windows\Tasks CreateExplorerShellUnelevatedTask.job as concerns. Malwarebytes Scan even with rootkit check does not detect anything. How can I be sure I'm not infected? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. We actually did just that and looked at all previous installations by date. They were all legit. nothing suspicious. We did refresh Firefox. So far, so good. My wife is very tech savvy and doesn't open emails and attachments she doesn't recognize so this is really odd knowing her, being mac and no programs installed.
  6. One update. Seems like this might be part of New Tab Search Firefox plugin, however, my wife did not install that.
  7. This morning my wife's Firefox for Mac 10.9 kept redirecting to hmapsanddirections.co instead of Google when she opened a new tab. She does not recall clicking on anything suspicious or opening a file. Both Intego Virus Barrier and Malwarebytes show nothing. Only thing we could do was to refresh Firefox. What concerns me is that no virus program spotted it in real time or afterward and doing a Google search just results in lots of no-name, possibly malicious, sites. None of the major virus / security companies have any entries on this. Can someone provide more informat
  8. 1PW, Your instructions have me running again. Hopefully it will stick this time. A number of people seem to report the same issue. Thanks!
  9. Here they are... Thanks. logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip
  10. Anti-Ransomware says my system is at risk. When I try to click Fix Now or Start Protection nothing happens. Did this a few weeks ago but then just started working again.
  11. 1PW. Restarted my machine and I got the same message, but it let me click FIX NOW and the service is running. If it happens again I will try the uninstall you outlined above. Thanks.
  12. Here are the zipped archives you requested. Thank you. Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip
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