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  1. I am sorry, but I won't follow any further procedure. My program has not changed, nor updated to a nev verdsion. So the very same info I sent you before is valid. It is a repeated bug in Malwerbytes. Please see my previous correspondence.
  2. You did it again. The very same false positive, and my backup program is quaranteened. EasuUS Everysync is not a ransoware.
  3. Here I am a little belated with the required Zip files for analysis Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip
  4. OK. It seems that the wording of the Notice was misleading and scared me in vain. What it said was that the file would be deleted permanently after reboot. Actually after reboot, I managed to restore it and all is well. It's after midnight here, so tomorrow I wil follow the procedure of reporting False Positive. But please stop scaring innocent users....
  5. I am afraid my problem is not yet understood. I must have back the original executable. I installed that program in a campaign of one day free sharware. It serial was valid for that day only, so I cannot reinstall the program. As to wht happend and where I stand: 1. immediately after this happened I disabled MBARW and went into into quaranteen to restore the file. It refused, and told me it will be deleted on the next reboot. (see attachement) 2. I went to Exclusions but I cannot exclude it because the fille does not exist (Catch 22). 3. Where do I stand now? If the file
  6. I have not attempted to report a False Positive. I am begging for instruction how to rescue my software. MABR Ransomware has moved a good working exe file to its quarantine, and would not release it necause "Can't restore an item marked for deletion on reboot. This action is not acceptable. I should be able to make the final decision if that file is to be deleted or not. Now I am afraid that if I reboot it will be permanently deleted. So I repeat my question: How do I rescue my file from the claws of MABR Ransomware. Once I am over this crisis I can find time and energy to report False P
  7. MABR decided that my EaseUs Everysync is a ronsomware and quaranteened it. I tried immediately to recover it and it states "Can't restore an item marked for deletion on reboot". How dare the program delete anything without my consent? I have not yet rebooted, How to I save the exe file? I must have it back, because it was installed as a one time free download.
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