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  1. I should clarify that some of the problematic endpoints do have the Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent service started, but do not check in to the dash board. Restarting the service doesn't fix the problem.
  2. I'm also experiencing this issue with a handful of endpoints in my environment. I have roughly 80 endpoints and about 6 or so no longer check in to the dashboard. If I redeploy the endpoint, they will check in once and then stop checking in again. I also noticed that the malwarebyets icon is missing from the system tray on all of these problematic endpoints. Malwarebytes Service is running on all problematic machines. Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent service is not started. If I manually start the service, they will check in and MB shows up in the system tray. Any help getting this resolved would be greatly appreciated.
  3. @djacobson, thanks for clarification and the additional information. How does one go about upgrading to MBMC 1.8.1 and after doing so, does it require a manual reinstall of MBAM and MBAE for all endpoints or will they automatically work with the new MBMC version? Is there an upgrade path yet for customers who have an existing Endpoint Security license to move to Endpoint Protection? A lot of our endpoints stay off network for extended periods of time and don't get updated from MBMC for months at a time. Endpoint Protection would be a much better solution for us, but we can't abandon the multi-year license investment we've already made.
  4. So the management console hasn't been updated in over a year? What about the endpoint client versions? I've been at Anti-Malware Version and Anti-Exploit version for as long as I can remember. In fact, after fighting with Anti-Exploit causing random Internet Explorer cashes throughout our organization for years, we finally resorted to just uninstalling it. Is there an upgrade path yet to move to Endpoint Protection? Last time I checked, we we're being punished for purchasing a multi-year Endpoint Security license and Malwarebytes offered no cost incentive for moving. We had to choose to either abandon the remaining years of our existing license or not move.
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