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  1. indeed, paypal is almost instant..., but the bank transfer from our local banks to paypal isnt, i usually wait between 3-5 days before the money arrives at my paypal account. thats the problem if you have a good products, lotsa bad ppls out there trying to monetize on it:/ no "brick" or "mortar" store over here at salzburg city / austria... plus when i order from stores *at the same city i am from* via postal, i wait 3-4 days.
  2. hi MB, i like your free product alot, and would like to pay for the full version. i dont have a credit card, and id like to avoid having to wait for my paypal to receive money so that i can send that money over to you... when i am looking for resellers program, i get the "you want to be a reseller?" aplication form, but from the partners page i have no idea where to look for a reseller that does other payment methods. a payment method i could suggest from other products: fast money transer. a sample solution: https://www.sofort.com/eng-GB/buyer/sb/direct-payment-made-easy/ hope youre able to help me. greetings nb
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