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  1. After more than a decade of Malwarebytes use without a threat detected, this morning I suddenly had 4 detections (two separate file and matching registry detections). The first was for a program called EasyAnticheat.exe which is used by many multiplayer games. I did not install any new games, but several were updated yesterday in Steam, so something could have changed there. The second was for an Intel graphics driver, igfx_win10_100.8681.exe. I did install an Intel driver update yesterday. I think these are both likely false positives, and I have attache
  2. OK, I did a clean uninstall and then installed 1196. Unfortunately no change in behavior. The first link I clicked on in an IE Google search resulted in the same error. Event Viewer confirms it was MBAE that caused the crash. + System - Provider [ Name] Application Error
  3. Any help here? I tried to provide all relevant information + logs?
  4. A few months ago I noticed that clicking links in a google search would crash IE11 on my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 that I upgraded from W7-64 to W10-64. It never occurred when I was running W7, and it did not occur if I did the Google search from Chrome or Edge, nor did I have a problem on my home laptop running W7-64. I never investigated, and just started doing Google searches from a different browser on the Surface. Last week, I replaced the home laptop with a new machine running W10-64. Lo and behold, once everything was setup, I started getting the same app crash in IE11 when clicking l
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