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  1. Thank you for your help. I have attached the txt you request. I found a couple of problems. FRST found 6 prob. I actually leaned something about firefox and found I had three profiles. Figured out how to rid two of them. Thanks again. pos Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C03].txt FRST.txt Malware Report 4-13-2021.txt
  2. I am checking to see if any start up files/programs might be malicious. I am using Win 7. Some I don't need to run? Conhost.ese CSRSS.exe dwm.exe explorer.ese integrator.exe mbamtray.ese (Malware bytes I think.) memfiles.servi... nvcontainer.exe nvidiaweb nvvsvc.exe nvxdsync.ese RAVCpl64.exe rundll32.exe sidebar.exe taskeng.exe taskhost.exe taskmgr.exe winlogon.exe Seems that everytime I watch a movie, very neer the end of the movie the computer stalls and the HD runs for 20 minutes. I have set the v
  3. So it is true. Thanks again Nasdaq. Much appreciated and have a great week. pos
  4. I may have to contact HP. It seems strange that it only happens after I power on the printer and attempt to print for the first time. After the stall popup, I click yes to cancel the printing, then it prints. The printer works fine after that. I have been thinking, I am using a HP cartridge that I have refilled for the first time some weeks ago. Any possible chance that the cartridge is programmed to cause such a problem? I had heard years ago that cartridges are sometimes rigged to stop working after their initial use but thought it was simply rumor. But could it be true?
  5. Thanks Nasdaq. I performed all the functions you requested. One problem I am having is that when I print, the message ink carriage stalled, do I wish to cancel print. When I click yes to cancel the print, the printer makes a couple of noises and then prints after all. Weird? This is probably stupid on my part, but should I have uninstalled the HP printer program before I installed the new version you provided? Thanks again for your time and efforts Nasdaq. pos Fixlog.txt
  6. Can we also rid of chrome garbage I noticed in the .txt above? Thanks pos
  7. Seems to be fixed, no popups anymore. That problem is solved. Thanks Kevin. Pos
  8. Forgot, I have win 7, 64bit, Antimalware Premium. I have a FRST 64 from a few weeks ago. I did perform an image restore but I thought it was ok. Evidently not. I just ran the FRST program scan and attached are the results. I hope this was ok. Any help much appreciated. pos FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. I can't find my previous string where I had all sorts of problems, but my HP 1050 J410 printer only prints partial page, just a line or two and then stops printing. Printer also acts weird after powering on. Power on, First print, popup says printer jammed, so I cancel printing. When I unplug, then plug in the printer power cord and usb, power on again, the printer works just fine. Malware again? Help much appreciated. pos
  10. I am a little late getting on today. I just performed a "reset" of Firefox and will see how things go today. Will report again later. Thanks again Kevin. Hope you have a safe and great day today. pos
  11. I understand Kevin, pretty late for you, and getting about that time for me as well. I am having outbound block multiple times again this evening. I cannot find a website or email to send to high winds network group. I saw this when my Malware blocked an outbound; says c:\program files\Mozilla firefox\firefox.exe Does that help or mean anything? Thanks. pos
  12. I looked up the ip address and found all bad. Here are the Addition.txt and FRST.txt from the scan. I hope I got it right. I have to leave now, 6:40, but will be back 9:45pm or so. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  13. Hi Kevin and thanks for your reply. I counted 36 outbound attempts in about 1 1/2 hours, from ~10:40 am to ~12:22 am this morning, and then stopped. Attached are the last 3. A hwc.txt B hwc.txt C hwc.txt
  14. Earlier today I had many outbound blocks of "cds.a2w5j2z3.hwcdn.net" by premium Malware Antimalware as a potential threat. I checked the internet and "hwcdn.net" seems listed as a problem in general. Now I am not getting any outbound popups blocked, even though my premium lists nothing quarantined. Should I be worried? Thanks. Pos
  15. I lost my Malwarebytes desktop icon, went to program and features and no malwarebytes listed. So I downloaded and installed Malwarebytes anti virus and now all is working ok. Don't know what happened. Sees the key and ID just fine. Will start computer tomorrow and see how it acts. Thanks for your time and efforts exile. Much appreciated. pos
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