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  1. Completely shut power down and now powered up. Started Malware Antimalware and no error message. I don't know how you do it, all the lines of code and you figure it out in a day or two. All I can say is thanks. Have a great week and stay safe. pos
  2. Yes, here is the Malware Antimalware log in .txt pos Malware Anti Report.txt
  3. I ran frst64 and the fixlog is attached below. I did run into one problem, for future reference, that I lost my IP, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway, but these numbers were easy to restore since I already had instructions and values before hand. No sweat. Good news! I just opened my Malware Antimalware Premium and the error message is now gone. Thank you very much Advanced Setup. Much appreciate your time and expertise. Do I need to do anything else, besides backing up my harddrive? pos Fixlog_15-09-2020 14.42.54.txt
  4. Here is the file you requested Advanced. Thanks for your time and expertise. Much appreciated. steve MTB.txt
  5. Here are the files requested. Scan Report.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Yes, the error is still showing. Does the error reduce the function of the program? I was able to delete Chrome, Norton, and Avast. I don't know if Java is used by any of my programs, so I did not delete it. Last addition of Malwarebytes premium seemed to worked fine until this latest upgrade. I am not sure what the error means and if it really matters? Cheers and thanks for your time and efforts.
  7. I don't know much about computers, but I see Chrome listed. I never ordered Chrome. Can we delete it as we work on my issue? Google Chrome: C:\Users\Owner\Downloads Thanks for your time and efforts. pos
  8. Here is the file Trusted Advisors. Much thanks. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Hello Gents. The other day, I opened Malware Antimalware and a message popped up stating "Unable to contact License Server. Check your network settings or contact your system administrator for help." I am not sure what that means. Do I have to completely remove the program, or is there another fix? I am running win 7 ultimate. Thanks for your time and help. Pos
  10. I am sorry Nasdaq. Yes, I clicked restore and "libraries" came back to normal. I restored "libraries" before repairing my computer with fixlist that you gave me. The fix went very smoothly. Yes, all appears to be working fine now. I mentioned all the problems to ITV-3 support, and I thought that my computer has been hacked for some time. Anyway, no problems so far. All seems to be working well now. Cheers and thanks for your time, and efforts, and patience Nasdaq. Much appreciated. pos
  11. One other bit of information. The other day, before the Malwarebytes fix, I booted up the computer and my entire "libraries" section was gone. I found it in the recycle bin. Along with that another icon was in the place of the "libraries" icon. But your fix seems to have things up and running. Will check in every once in a while with status. Cheers and thanks again. pos
  12. Hi Nasdaq, After running and obtaining Fixlog.txt, I could not get back on the internet to contact the forum. I called my server ITV-3 and they said that belongs solely to me, the movie club was the owner of them sometime back, so the reason why the movie club came up. They gave me the same IP information as I had and you saw in the txt. I then requested a completely different IP address etc, and was told they will be checking into my request. I backed up with a System image backup after performing all the operations, including uninstall and new installation o
  13. Thanks so much for your help Nasdaq. I am going to get started, but wanted you to know I have no connection to the family video movie club. pos
  14. I found some more information. Besides finding that the on map located about 1/2 to 3/4 miles away at the end of a lane at a Caterpillar parts facility, I also performed a google and checked my computer IP address details, and found IPv4 Default Gateway of How can this number be in two places at the same time? I hope this info helps you. Pos
  15. I cannot find and download the fixlist.txt file from your post. There is no link. pos
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