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  1. I am sorry Nasdaq. Yes, I clicked restore and "libraries" came back to normal. I restored "libraries" before repairing my computer with fixlist that you gave me. The fix went very smoothly. Yes, all appears to be working fine now. I mentioned all the problems to ITV-3 support, and I thought that my computer has been hacked for some time. Anyway, no problems so far. All seems to be working well now. Cheers and thanks for your time, and efforts, and patience Nasdaq. Much appreciated. pos
  2. One other bit of information. The other day, before the Malwarebytes fix, I booted up the computer and my entire "libraries" section was gone. I found it in the recycle bin. Along with that another icon was in the place of the "libraries" icon. But your fix seems to have things up and running. Will check in every once in a while with status. Cheers and thanks again. pos
  3. Hi Nasdaq, After running and obtaining Fixlog.txt, I could not get back on the internet to contact the forum. I called my server ITV-3 and they said that belongs solely to me, the movie club was the owner of them sometime back, so the reason why the movie club came up. They gave me the same IP information as I had and you saw in the txt. I then requested a completely different IP address etc, and was told they will be checking into my request. I backed up with a System image backup after performing all the operations, including uninstall and new installation of Malware Anti-malware while it was pristine. I performed the operations you listed and results in the following txts below. I then redid the FRST to obtain new FRST.txt and Addition.txt just in case you desired such. Everything seems to be working ok now. If I have any other problems, I will post again. In the meantime, job well done Nasdaq. Sure appreciate all your time and efforts. pos Fixlog.txt FSS.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Thanks so much for your help Nasdaq. I am going to get started, but wanted you to know I have no connection to the family video movie club. pos
  5. I found some more information. Besides finding that the on map located about 1/2 to 3/4 miles away at the end of a lane at a Caterpillar parts facility, I also performed a google and checked my computer IP address details, and found IPv4 Default Gateway of How can this number be in two places at the same time? I hope this info helps you. Pos
  6. I cannot find and download the fixlist.txt file from your post. There is no link. pos
  7. I have no idea of what a "persistentRoute" is. No I did not make any changes. I printed out your post and will follow your instructions. I see that IP address location is about 1/2 miles from me. Is someone hacking into my computer? Also, I had to reboot my computer this evening, and low and behold when Windows opened, my entire "downloads" folder was in my "recycle bin". In my bottom tray the "explorer" icon was also missing, with a "recycle bin" icon in its place. Also my Malware Antimalware was not in the tray, and was closed. cheers pos
  8. I just developed another symptom. I ran Kapersky antivirus, nothing found. I just closed Firefox and attempted to open it again and a box repeatedly opens asking if I will allow it to make changes to XXXXX. I can't remember the rest. I rebooted awhile ago this afternoon and I could not open any programs I tried except one or two associated with windows. Right now I had to open IE 11 in order to get to this site. Pos
  9. I am having similar, random problems. First, printing messes up (for months now), then I have all sorts of "restore" points I did not know I had, but cannot used them (box pops up can't find them), then my Malware Antimalware acts up. I have downloaded AVG, Kaspersky, Defender and Antimalware and nothing found. This has been going on for months. I am hoping Nasdaq can help my situation. cheers pos
  10. Thanks for your help Nasdaq, much appreciated. Attached are the two files requested. pos Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. I have had a printing problem for months, now my antivirus programs won't open. To get you up to speed: Yesterday I performed my latest image restore; this time from 2017 because my printer did not work properly again, just a portion of page printed, and sometimes none. After the restore the printer worked for the afternoon and then failed again. This morning I booted up and the printer works fine, but now my Antimalware premium program won't open. When I right click in the taskbar, all 4 protections are on. However, when I attempt to open the program, either from the task bar or double clicking on desktop, a box opens stating Malwarebytes has stopped working. Either check online for a solution and close the program or just close the program. I just recently uninstalled CCleaner. Do I have a virus/malware etc, or does my program need to be re loaded, or something else? Help needed. Pos
  12. Yes, great idea and will do as soon as possible. Fortunately I have plenty of room on my external HD, will keep the backups. If I have any more problems, I shall present it for more help, but all seems ok now. Thanks again. positron
  13. Thanks for your help Staff. I completely shut off, removed power from the computer (including holding the power button) twice now. I restarted and windows 7 opened up just fine, desktop came up fine. Interestingly, I measured the battery voltage after I removed it from the board. It measured 3.10 volts, which seems like enough. However, the meter will present a different load than the actual computer load. The brand new battery measured 3.25 volts. Seems close but the load will be different, thus the voltage. (I am an electronics engineer, but too old for computer classes to be offered in college.) I hope this string has been helpful to all visitors. I also wish to express my appreciation to "Advanced Setup Staff" for his time, his patience, and his expertise in logically "walking" through and honing in on the source of the problem. That is quite an accomplishment since he could not physically be here, know all the programs I have, and possible issues. Thanks again. positron
  14. I found some new information that might help. I was able to "restart" my computer several times with no problems. However, when I power down the computer, shut it completely off, then windows 7 ultimate will not open up. The computer starts, I eventually see "microsoft incorporated", the colored "flag" appears and then the mouse disappears and the screen remains black. Win 7 never opens to the desktop screen. I have just replaced the 3 volt battery and will see what happens by powering off completely and see what happens. I hope this helps the "staff" helping me and the public. Here goes.
  15. Glary utilities, using "disk repair", found errors. I don't know if that means sectors damaged, or just found problems with win 7. I did Not do anything with the findings. I did not attempt to repair until I hear your recommendations. cheers pos
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