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  1. Thanks for your support - have a good weekend too. G
  2. John, I think I found the answer with your help. Before uninstalling MBAE I checked the Programs and Features to see the file size etc. Not that I knew what I was looking for. But I made a note of it and then I went thru the instructions you provided for a clean un- and re-install. All went well. But still no running MBAE. Then I found MBAE in the Windows Start Menu. I right-clicked on the application and clicked run as administrator. It started to run. Then I rebooted but same problem. No auto run. Then I looked in Task Manager and saw in the Startup tab, that it was OFF a
  3. John... check this out... it just popped up... see snippet screen grab, attached...
  4. thats potentially a horse of a different color....
  5. Hey John! no offense taken, brother. I have done a little help desk work in the past, so I appreciate total exactitude when it comes to isolating the cause of an issue! I exited both A-Ex ans A-Mal... by right clicking the blue M in A-Mal and the shield for A-Ex, then clicking the (ohhhhhh I just saw what you're talking about!) I'm writing you this on PC#2. It has everything in place. Hmmm. I think theres a good chance I clicked "stop protection"... but I cant promise I simply didnt click "hide icon" !
  6. I also tried to launch manually by going to "start/all apps/malwarebytes antiexploit, but didnt work.
  7. Purchased and successfully set up Anti-Exploit (and Anti-Malware Premium). Purchased and set up another application (Nuance PaperPort Pro 14, v14.5), but first exited all security (e.g. MalwareBytes: Anti-Exploit and Anti-Malware Premium, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, too), only for purpose of running the PaperPort set up. After running PaperPort set up, I restarted my PC. The Anti-Malware started normally and automatically at windows start up (Kaspersky, too)... but NOT Anti-Exploit. *Please advise what to do to ensure Anti-Exploit runs just as it did when I 1st installed. Thanks.
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