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  1. Just as I said. Let's face It; it's a shortcut and and there are usually drawbacks to shortcuts. Go to XDA developers forum and look for threads on rooting your particular phone. It's way more complicated but you have way more control over your phone.
  2. Whether to use Kingroot or not, or to root or not?
  3. ryandennis135 is probably a bot. He's just repeating the Kingroot propaganda. Kingroot will root your phone,sort of. You're not able to remove all the factory bloatware and are stuck with Kingroot bloatware which includes Kinguser. Rooted phones require one of the superuser apps to make major changes to the root, not Kinguser. In some cases you can remove Kinguser and replace with SU but not always. They have made this harder to do. When it comes time to remove KR it never fully goes away unless you factory reset your phone even though it's uninstaller says it's gone. If you don't mind a half rooted phone and limited options it's OK. Kinda like it's OK to have a '79 Pinto when you really want a Focus RS.
  4. I was finally able to remove the last traces of Kingroot by doing a factory re set and update. For the longest time Sony and Verizon stopped supporting the Z3v. Then for what ever reason (that I'm thankful for) Sony started to support the phone again. This updated the phone to Lollipop and removed Kingroot. Ironically I installed Kingroot to be able to update the phone and get bloat off. My problem wasn't so much with Malwarebytes always finding it in a scan, or that it was malicious, It was that you couldn't get the phone to show that it wasn't rooted even after supposedly unrooting or derooting it with Kingroot itself. Under "About Phone" it always showed up as being rooted, and some apps, like GooglePay won't install on a rooted device. Anyway, my problem has been solved and I just wanted to let people know that Malwarebytes can't remove that last bit of Kingroot that just never goes away, and to beware if you decide to try it.
  5. The problem I have with Kingroot is that it can't be uninstalled on certain phones. They take a lot of effort to get it to work on as many phones as possible, but no effort to help you remove it. Malwarebytes seems incapable of removing it also even though it says it did.
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