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  1. So I did do a clean install using the Support Tool, and everything seems fixed now. Thanks!
  2. For now I have had to uninstall Malwarebytes; it is behaving as a virus.
  3. I initially did a repair using the Support Tool, and thought everything was fixed. So removed the Microsoft Office folder from the "Allow List". But after I was working on another Word document, and tried to save it - Malwarebytes blocked and deleted it!!! Attached is the zip file. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I think I fixed the issue. I included the Microsoft Office folder in Malwarebytes "Allow List". No further issues with Word being block or deleted.
  5. Malwarebytes is blocking and deleting my Word documents - documents I create myself. I have the latest version of Windows 10 (October 2020 Update), Surface Book 1 laptop. I have included Winword.exe in the list of allowed apps through Controlled Folder Access (but it is Malwarebytes blocking Word). How can this be fixed? Lately, Malwarebytes seems to be a virus; rather than protecting one from viruses.
  6. The cause for me (and I asume probably many others) in regards to Windows 10 2004 - ie the problem with browsers and apps not waking up after sleep - is Malwarebytes. In my case at least, there is no question about that. After uninstalling Malwarebytes (I had the Premium version) - everything works normally in Windows 10 version 2004. No more sleep issues. I was sent a private message from a malwarebyte tech (on the malewarebytes forum) to install a "private" version of malwarebytes, but NOT to pass the link on to anyone else. I have not yet tried this private' version - a bit scared to do so. Waiting for a reply from the tech as to how this "private version" is different from the public versions; and why the request I should not forward the link to others. Is it because it can cause damage to my Surface Book (and in addition other PC's)? I will wait and see how malwarebytes respond. But now I think it is not a windows 10 problem, but a Malwarebytes problem (and perhaps other antirvirus solutions as well). Maybe with Windows 10 improved security, better not to have Malwarebytes installed to mess with Windows 10.
  7. I updated Malwarebytes Premium today to the new version, and unfortunately Malwarebytes still does not work with Windows 10, version 2004. After my laptop (Microsoft Surface Book 1) goes to sleep, Malwarebytes still blocks all my browsers (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox) from opening, as well as apps on my desktop. Malwarebytes even blocks the power button on the start menu from working;. To get back to a working PC after my laptop goes to sleep, I need to force a shutdown by pressing on the physical power button for about 20 seconds. If I am able to open Task Manager - it shows "System Interrupts" as high as 100% for the CPU. Please try harder to fix this.
  8. Yes, I will stick with my support ticket. But I did try to uninstall and reinstall using the support tool - still can't reactivate my lifetime subscription. But thanks for your suggestions.
  9. Yes I logged into the MyAccount portal. The page showed I have 2 lifetime subscriptions (for 2 separate devices). For both subscriptions, I was offered the option to "deactivate all". After unsuccessfully trying to activate the subscription in question (which I use on my current laptop), I clicked on "deactivate all" regarding the license in question. Still, could not re-activate. Thanks!
  10. I have the exact same issue as the original poster - deactivating all still does not allow re-activation of my lifetime license.
  11. So as I said before, a Threat Scan takes only 11 minutes to scan 412,000 items (single partitioned hard-drive C and D). I just did a custom scan of the same partitioned hard drive - C and D; it took 2hr58min to scan 276,348 items. Everything for both scans is turned on; scan within archives, scan for rootkits, .... 11 minutes vs 2hr58min? Any many more items scanned during the 11 minute scan? Are we sure nothing is wrong?
  12. Okay, thanks! Just needed some reassurance being so much faster, Malwarebytes was actually scanning items and not just counting them.
  13. I just wanted to add I repeated a threat scan and watched it as it was going. The scan of the registry is completed in only a couple of seconds, and the heuristic analysis of thousands of items takes only a few seconds. Is this what it is supposed to be?
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