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  1. Thank you. I now have SupportInfo-before.dat and will closely monitor MB to see if it reverts. Meanwhile, the initial question to me: "do you occasionally remove/disable your wireless network adapter or disconnect from the Internet for extended periods of time?" -- and I do not -- makes me wonder if my Internet access on this PC via a range extender might be a factor. It has always given me a strong signal and I have never had a problem with dropping Internet connections using it. Still, it's something to consider. As an experiment, I have switched this PC to a direct network connection
  2. Never, but even if I did what is rationale for kicking me out of my premium version. Seems to me you have a programing problem.
  3. My license has been deactivated yet again today leaving me with just the free version. Attached is log #2 grabbed while the free version is active. Please respond. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. My lifelong premium version periodically, without notice reverts to the free version leaving me vulnerable to online attack. I've had to try to remember to check to see if my premium version is active before going online, and it usually is, but when I forget to check it is when it inevitably reverts to the free version! This has been occurring over a period of many months, and I've submitted support tickets previously without resolution. I have seen others with the same issue but have not found a solution. It is getting very tiresome, not to mention putting me at risk of attack. In fact, an at
  5. Thanks for your reply. No, I don't have another Win10 PC nor do I have recovery media. I am trying to avoid a reset, if possible. I already know how to get to advanced options, having spent many hours on this the past four days. In the startup settings section, none of the options, e.g., safe mode, are selectable. There is only a clickable "restart" button which takes me back through the loop of automatic repair/diagnosing your pc, etc. and ends with your pc did not start correctly. The "startup repair" simply, repeatedly says it couldn't repair pc. I created a Bit Defender rescue flash d
  6. On a HP windows 10 notebook with a 32GB SS drive I supposedly ran out of disk space, though I'm not sure it really did (because I also got that message trying to copy a few files to One Drive on which I had stored only 67MB). I opened MBAM to scan and got I clicked yes to reboot and got in a loop of "preparing automatic repair" > "diagnosing your pc" > "pc did not start correctly" -- and I cannot now boot to windows. I can't do a system restore because it says I don't have enough disk space. I prefer not to do a reset (could I even do that with no disk space?). I did a c
  7. Thank you. And where do I find this "Newest IP or URL Threat" section?
  8. Actually, I do have Premium, fell for the phish, and it didn't block the site.
  9. I received an email from my bank: Chase US (docs-chase-user@Server3676022805.urbandictionary.com). Obviously this was not from Chase Bank. Is Anti-Exploit supposed to catch such an obvious attempt to exploit?
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