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  1. I was able to trigger a BSOD on demand with the problematic version. Since installing the beta ( mb3-setup-consumer- ) everything has been stable. Thanks!
  2. @ColoradoGuy Just an FYI: My situation is such that I can reliably cause the BSOD to occur on demand. It does not involve any websites or even having a web browser open. And yes, I have submitted the dump files as dcollins requested.
  3. The VM is running XP SP3 with no further updates or hacks installed or allowed. Remember when we still had control over Windows Update?!! (Yes, I know the risk but the HVAC app is very adverse to change. That and the VM is usually only run a couple times a month for ~10 minutes.)
  4. The Win 10 PC is on a corporate Domain. The reason for the VirtualBox XP session is to run an (ancient) HVAC management application across the LAN. I don't believe this would involve any traffic gatewayed to the Internet. The Win 10 BSOD does not occur immediately. I have never had it occur during the Win XP boot sequence. It is generally after the start of the HVAC app, maybe a minute or two. I'm not in the same place in the app when it happens but it always seems to be just as I have clicked on something to interact across the LAN. The XP session is never used for anything else so the network traffic is fairly specific to HVAC management for the building.
  5. Just to chime in, I'm running Win 10 Pro version 1709 and since upgrading to Malwarebytes 3.5.1 I have been experiencing what appear to be similar BSODs referencing NETIO.SYS. They have only occurred when I run Oracle VirtualBox version 5.2.8 or 5.2.12 (the latest version) to host a Windows XP session. (To clarify, there is no Malwarebytes running under XP in the virtual session.) The Win 10 BSODs seem to be triggered by network activity from within the VirtualBox session. If I quit Malwarebytes then all is stable again. Thanks for your help!
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