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  1. Ok, my fault. I thought I answered to AccountManagement-EMEA@ and just noticed that it went to a different return address (info@). Will try again.
  2. Hi, is it possible to get another invitation to the Malwarebytes cloud for migrating from MBES to EP? For reasons I wasn't able to react to the invitation last year. I got back on the job now and want to migrate to cloud EP before the support runs out for MBES. I tried to create a cloud account but that doesn't seem to work for me. I also sent an email but didn't get any response by now (trying to avoid phone support due to my lousy English). Any help would be appreciated. Regards Andreas
  3. In our AD domain I installed all clients via push install over the management console without any problems (all Win7/64). Everything works fine except for 2 or 3 clients which don't give any feedback after scanning. When doing a quick scan it says "Quick scan command started" and a few minutes later "Quick scan command ended" in the System Logs tab but the "Last Scan Time" never gets updated (it's still blank for those clients). Also I don't get a scan result by email though I'm pretty sure there are at least a lot of PUPs on those machines (like on all of our machines). For me it looks as if the communication back to the server somehow doesn't work right.
  4. I installed via management console, where do I find the install script?
  5. Just to make it clear: I don't want to get the shortcuts working, I don't want them to be created at all. For that I checked "silent mode" in Protection tab and "Do not show Anti-Exploit traybar icon and program interface" in Anti-Exploit tab.
  6. I installed 17 clients on domain workstations yesterday and they all seem to have the shortcut.
  7. Thank you for your welcome I just checked permissions, the logged on user has full rights on the shortcut (he's a member of local admins). Log file has been attached! CheckResults.txt
  8. I have exactly the same issue with Win7/64. Shortcuts for Anti Exploit are created (but don't do anything).
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