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  1. Yes, I have Mc Afee antivirus... Should I disable Mc Afee or uninstall ??
  2. Hi Everything was fine on my pc . I have the latest update (illimited account) of Malwarebytes(MB). I use also Thunderbird (latest version) (TB). Then, I decided to update windows to 1809 version. And now, at launch of TB, Windows crashes with a BSOD. I made various tests and it appears that _ With all 4 protection modules of MB activated, TB crashes at launch (BSOD : irq not equal, etc.) - If I just deactivate Web protection module of MB, TB won't crash. I checked again and again, even removed extension modules from TB, the phenomenon is constant. So, at the moment, I use MB without WEB protection module , and everything runs fine. Any solution ? Jaco
  3. yes, my GPU card is ASUS...
  4. OK I'll try these hints... However, why do you urge to uninstall PC TUne up ?
  5. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. HI.. Exactly the same problem here, with Malware antimalware home premium AND Bitdefender 2016
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