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  1. Yes, I have Mc Afee antivirus... Should I disable Mc Afee or uninstall ??
  2. Hi Everything was fine on my pc . I have the latest update (illimited account) of Malwarebytes(MB). I use also Thunderbird (latest version) (TB). Then, I decided to update windows to 1809 version. And now, at launch of TB, Windows crashes with a BSOD. I made various tests and it appears that _ With all 4 protection modules of MB activated, TB crashes at launch (BSOD : irq not equal, etc.) - If I just deactivate Web protection module of MB, TB won't crash. I checked again and again, even removed extension modules from TB, the phenomenon is constant. So, at the mom
  3. yes, my GPU card is ASUS...
  4. OK I'll try these hints... However, why do you urge to uninstall PC TUne up ?
  5. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. HI.. Exactly the same problem here, with Malware antimalware home premium AND Bitdefender 2016
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