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  1. Like many others here ... I do not appreciate you deciding/declaring that ASC (Adv System Care PRO) is a PUP. I do not agree that a competitor product should be flagged and NOT an easy way to 1 time PERMANENTLY remove it from your list as a user. I have written about this numerous times over the past year and I have read your response and how you close the subject - time after time. THIS IS A SERIOUS breach of etiquette and showmanship on your part - to decide what is best for the user of your program without LETTING the customer decide if a PAID program is usable by them (on top
  2. Thanks for all the advice ... I did update to the newest version of Malware 3.0 ... still reports .. but not as many ... didn't in the past ...
  3. The newest update package (1.0.1524) and component package (1.0.43) keeps reporting PUPs (many) for Iobit Advance System Care (ver ... believe FALSE positive ...
  4. Just ran newest database update (v2016.10.19.12) using Anti-Malware Home - reported Advance SystemCare 9.x was PUP.Optional.AdvanceSystemCare was dangerous. I accidentally accepted and DELETED ALL ... losing ASC AND DriveBooster. Closer examination revealed that PUP.Optional.DriveBooster (DRIVE BOOSTER) by IOBit was also a threat; also deleted. Reinstalled and exempted the directory and all programs. Obviously a false positive ... not reported by earlier database updates (including yesterdays). Mike Irwin
  5. Thanks for the feedback ... glad it works as expected
  6. DOES show in hidden ICON area of Notification ... Does NOT show on Toolbar ... I have attached a png showing the status of both areas and the fact that it was turned OFF. This was a clean install .... deleted Beta 6 by doing clean uninstall - with manual delete of directories. Mike
  7. Just installed Beta 7 and deactivated it to see if tray icon changes or let me know as suggested in the info for beta. It did not change the blue icon on the status bar to let me know disabled. Should it change color or do something else? It does report in OPEN window that not active and shows RED frowning face. But not on status bar icon. Just checking ... not a serious problem ... Mike
  8. I only installed Beta 6 and have MBAM. I have not experienced any false positives so far. Running 10 days now. Seems solid. But surprised it doesn't have a check for updates button on the dashboard. Auto starts with windows and remains minimized until open. So far, nice job. Of course, it may be I haven't had any software or other programs that are in conflict with program. Great Job! Will attach log for your review. MBAMSERVICE.zip
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