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  1. Similarly to JHall, with the latest versions of Chrome and Rapport and MBAE 1196 all initially seemed well. However on downloading PDF and Word files and attempting to open them, I get the exploit error again and Chrome closes. Also, after a this crash, even restarting Chrome with the MBAE options for Chrome unticked, I can't access the Rapport console. It tries to open but closes before the console actually appears. I end up having to reboot the computer. The problem isn't solved yet! Ray
  2. Just found that if I try to download an attachment in Gmail, I get the same error despite using version 1195 and avoiding the more general problem! Have had to disable all protection in Chrome re OS issues.
  3. When Chrome updated today, everything stopped working. Chrome wouldn't start, or if it did (after stopping multiple instances in Task Manager) it wouldn't access the net. Also stopped some other programs accessing the web too. A reboot installed Windows 10 updates and everything is working again except Rapport. I await with trepidation an update from Rapport now.
  4. Fix doesn't work for me either so reverted to: MBAE -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> OS Bypass Protection -> CALL ROP gadget protection (32/64) -> uncheck for Chrome -> Apply MBAE -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Advanced Memory Protection -> Malicious return address detection -> uncheck for Chrome -> Apply as that solves the problem for now. MBAE Logs.zip
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