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  1. Thanks again. Hopefully I will not see this again, but if I do I will remember the suggestions and report more fully.
  2. I will follow this advice next time it shows up as Defender deleted so cannot trace the information now. I was just wondering why MBAM would not report that or block when it's set for real time protection and Defender only runs occasionally. Thanks for your advice. Best regards
  3. Windows defender has found a Trojan Jupitr A exploit on my hard drive twice and quarantined and deleted. I only use Defender for occasional scans but have MBAM working for full-time protection. Why won't it pick this up and block it before it gets on the system? Thanks for your feedback
  4. It appears to have finished successfully. I had to step out so couldn't report earlier. It seems ok. Malwarebytes still listed some items as quarantined but I deleted them there. I will report on performance later. Thanks for your help.
  5. Will this work if FRST and fixlist are both in download folder? I somehow started it after fixlist downloaded. It seems to be mostly deleting temporary files including strangely McAfee error logs. Occasionally it says "not responding " but seems to recover and continue . I hope it doesn't affect performance as I have limited experience to revive it beyond a restore point I guess.
  6. Here are the files as requested. Should I just delete these quarantined items through MBAM anyway or wait for further diagnoses?
  7. MBAM didn't block Fast Browser PUP which displaced Firefox and Chrome and added links to social media on taskbar two days ago. These appeared to be quarantined but not removed on restart. Today it found them all again (logs reproduced below). Arntz's article on of 16/10/2015 said that should work but didn't. https://blog.malwarebytes.org/cybercrime/2015/10/efast-browser-hijacks-file-associations/ Does anyone have any other suggestion? Should I be returning to Malwarebytes to delete these files an settings somehow?
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