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  1. And I’ve always ha the MB App Settings set to On for Push Notifications.

    Until several weeks ago the app would never update it’s db by itself - I had to open the app and manually trigger the update.

    Now the MB App auto-updates it’s db just fine.

    I’m just wondering why I don’t get Push Notifications that it Auto-updated.

    Seems like iOS is behavin’ ok - I’m just requesting Notifications from the MB App so I don’t have to pop the hood every day to see if the MB db is Current, that’s all.

    Thanks again.

    Alan (Retired) -happy dog

  2. Up until a few weeks ago the MB app never updated the db itself. Every 4-5 days I’d open the app and discover I needed to update the db. Why was there no notifications from the app to update the db? I’ve always had Notifications set to ON  in the app’s Settings AND allowed for Malwarebytes in the System Settings. 

    Now, the app updates it’s db automatically, that’s cool, but it provides no Push notification that it’s been updated. Care-free, hands-free driving 😉


    Alan (Retired)  - happy dog happydog.jpg.82b6e2fbe2015793a68a0d304a60d127.jpg

  3. MB Premium v1.2.2

    On the MB display it clearly shows at the top:  "Malwarebytes PREMIUM"

    In the next field it shows:  "Protection updates: Current"

    followed by:  "Activate Premium protection to block fraudulent calls and websites"

    Now I know that MB KNOWS it’s not installed on an iPhone, but rather on an iPad and that it’s a Premium Activated install, so that line shouldn’t be there at all.

    MB already has Premium activated, so Web Protection IS Premium grade and Fraudulent Call Ptotection is not available.

    I’m being silly, stupid, nit-picky? I don’t think so ‘cause every time I look at it, it’s like it’s a friend that’s got a piece of spinach stuck to it’s two front teeth and I can’t see anything but the stupid spinach.



  4. treed... you’ve spoken like a professional and I want to thank you for that. You’ve spoken sensibly and I agree with what you’ve said. I will reinstall and upgrade to Premium.

    I also respectfully request you coach that last guy a little. 

    Thanks again.


  5. Just put MB free for iOS on an iPad Pro. I MUST be missing something:

    • ad blocking (free forever or just 30 days)
    • web protection (free first 30 days only)?

    And if I go Premium then all It does is continue Ad blocking and web protection.

    The Android free version I put on my Galaxy is VERY robust in the free version at least for the first 30 days. But this iOS version just lays there.

    • I WILL go premium on my Galaxy.
    • for the same price, I think the iOS version seems lacking.

    No offense; educate me.

    - Alan


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