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    MB free on iPad Pro

    Ok then. Just please don't reply to any of my posts again. Please. -Alan
  2. Shamshi-Adad

    MB free on iPad Pro

    Just put MB free for iOS on an iPad Pro. I MUST be missing something: ad blocking (free forever or just 30 days) web protection (free first 30 days only)? And if I go Premium then all It does is continue Ad blocking and web protection. The Android free version I put on my Galaxy is VERY robust in the free version at least for the first 30 days. But this iOS version just lays there. I WILL go premium on my Galaxy. for the same price, I think the iOS version seems lacking. No offense; educate me. - Alan
  3. Shamshi-Adad

    MB free on iPad Pro

    treed... you’ve spoken like a professional and I want to thank you for that. You’ve spoken sensibly and I agree with what you’ve said. I will reinstall and upgrade to Premium. I also respectfully request you coach that last guy a little. Thanks again. Alan
  4. Shamshi-Adad

    MB free on iPad Pro

    Uninstalled. Thanks for the friendliness. - Alan
  5. lol I installed the MB free on my Galaxy S8+ and 1 hour later went with the Premium. I tried to glean from the user manual, but just wondering if MB protects ALL browsers or just the native Samsung Internet Browser. Thanks. - Alan
  6. Happens on Android Central sites Happens on Windows Central sites Happens on onedrive.com Happens on LOTS of sites mbae-default.zip

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