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  1. When i use Chrome and i try to add a new web site for protection. I only get a blank white box. I have completely removed Malwarebytes anti-exploit and re-installed but the same thing is happening. I have not got a problem with I.E or Firefox..
  2. Rapport is now working with Chrome V50, but the same problem with MBAE still exists as before. when the relevent boxes below are unticked Chrome can be used. So please MBAE now Rapport and Chrome have sorted themselves out, can get a fix. MBAE -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> OS Bypass Protection -> CALL ROP gadget protection (32/64) -> uncheck for Chrome -> Apply MBAE -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Advanced Memory Protection -> Malicious return address detection -> uncheck for Chrome -> Apply
  3. I have downloaded the fix as instructed and i still have the same problem.
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