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  1. The computer is totally backed up, though not with Malwarebytes stuff but by other means as well as using Macrium Reflect to store a system image. However, I'm more interested in knowing whether anyone can say why MBAM isn't working rather than discuss what OS my client should be using! I've always touted MBAM as the best there is but if we can't fix this, there's no point keeping it.
  2. That's true, I was a bit unclear. On a previous installation (I've reinstalled from scratch several times) I have had those exclusions in place but to no avail. When I ran the log, they weren't in place (though are now).
  3. Thanks for the suggestions but I'd already got those exclusions/adds in place and also it's not the web protection that's failing but the malware protection, and sometimes the ransomware protection. The web and exploit protections have continued to run OK. I've also got MBAM premium running quite happily alongside Avast on several of my client's machines but this is the first time I've encountered an issue like this.
  4. When I start the computer (Windows7 HP 64bit) either the malware protection or the ransomeware protection immediately stops. On one occasion, both stopped! I've tried MANY things which include (for windows) scan system files, repair install windows and (for MBAM) uninstall and reinstall both 'normally' and using the support tool (several times). I've disabled anything that might interfere with it but it makes no difference. The machine is running Avast AV and WIndows firewall. I've run the diagnostic tool from support tool and the zip file is attached. I assume there is somet
  5. he other system never had an issue; the first laptop was (and is) fine; it was just the second one which was causing strange things.
  6. It seems today the feedback button is working OK, even though the computer's not been rebooted since the original problem (though it has hibernated). Anyway, Im attaching the archives requested. I would point out that when I tried to zip the logs file, it said it couldn't add the mbamservice.log file because it was in use, even though I'd terminated the MBARW program. I made a copy of the log file and that is what's in the archive. Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip
  7. Following an installation issue I had (reported in another posting),I tried to use the feedback button (both before and after registering this account) and got the message (and still do), "Google Chrome is unresponsive, relaunch now?". No matter which button I press,nothing obvious happens - and Chrome is certainly not unresponsive; I'm using it now. The feedback button seems to be consistent in this effect. On my other laptop where Firefox is the default browser, the feedback button opens the browser at this forum, and the same happens if I make Chrome the default browser. It would se
  8. Not now a problem to me but I thought I'd just post my initial problem... I've 2 laptops, both running Win7 and installed Anti-Ransomware Beta on the first with no problems. I installed it then on the 2nd one and got when I ran it it gave the message about my licence not activating. There seemed to be no way for me to fix whatever was wrong. I closed the program and restarted it and this time it came up with a message saying I wasn't protected but this time gave me a 'fix it' button which worked. There are no error or warning events showing in the event viewer.
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