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  1. Hello guys! I just wanted to make an appreciation post cause I'm really so amazed at all of the developers of this program. I don't know their names or way to contact them, so I just want to drop this post here and say THANK YOU! REALLY! 💗 Not only this company have (probably?) the best antimalware software around but they manage to keep its price REALLY affordable so that anyone can have it. As I live in another country which the currency is a lot undervalued, I was really surprised to see that the price is a actually affordable for me when I bought my premium license. (it usually isn't for most of the things because of how much dollar is high and etc etc economics stuff). So yeah i'm very happy and grateful that you guys could develop such an awesome piece of technology and at the same time keep it affordable, I don't complain much about prices of software cause I know companies have to pay their staff and also get some money to keep running and profit, but Malwarebytes need to win some award for being able to keep the price nice. Sorry for any english errors I'm not a native english speaker.
  2. Hi! I've used Malwarebytes on my phone for a very long time. Back then, it used to be free with real-time protection, but with the new version it is not anymore. However, when I first updated my app I was offered to be grandfathered into a Free+ plan that had real-time protection for being an old user. I agreed to it and it was doing fine until I had to reset my phone cause of a problem I had and now I can't get real-time protection back anymore. How can I get it back? Unfortunately I don't have money to pay for the subscription cause I'd have to pay around 4 times the value in my country's currency.
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