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  1. Hi! I've used Malwarebytes on my phone for a very long time. Back then, it used to be free with real-time protection, but with the new version it is not anymore. However, when I first updated my app I was offered to be grandfathered into a Free+ plan that had real-time protection for being an old user. I agreed to it and it was doing fine until I had to reset my phone cause of a problem I had and now I can't get real-time protection back anymore. How can I get it back? Unfortunately I don't have money to pay for the subscription cause I'd have to pay around 4 times the value in my country's currency.
  2. Hi! I noticed that after the last big Windows 10 Update, Windows Defender now includes some anti-exploit modules and I can see that in my computer some of these anti-exploit features are enabled by default. I want to ask if there is any problem in leaving them enabled, or it will conflict with Malwarebytes' own anti-exploit module? Thank you!
  3. Last update fixed it! Thanks! Just start Mb and immediately click on updates : current and let it install, and after it is applied kill the Mb service process, it will restart and everything will be good
  4. Wow it is so crazy that it is happening with everyone. I wonder what may be causing this. Bad update maybe? Anyway, I will restart in safe mode and uninstall Mb until it is fixed because I can't even try to quit Malwarebytes my PC freezes minutes after restarting and logging in
  5. I turned on my computer today and Malwarebytes is wreaking havoc on my computer. It is consuming all the ram and making the computer completely unresponsive. This happened out of nowhere everything was just fine until now. My OS is Windows 10 and i have no other security programs aside of Malwarebytes and Windows Defender.
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