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  1. And another BSOD and MWB again changed my setting back to enable malicious website protection. Sorry Maurice, I have reached my PITA threshold - this product isn't worth my time. I am uninstalling and requesting a refund
  2. Yes, tried logging in once again to this forum with the same password and it again did not recognize the password I set up. Makes it very cumbersome to do all the follow-ups here. Back to the issue, I tried running speccy but it keeps crashing. Attaching screenshot
  3. FWIW just tried to log in again and again it did not recognize my password. Something definitely not right....
  4. Hi Maurice, Yes, I have already uninstalled / reinstalled both BitDefender and Malwarebytes and checked both for updates - and then I still got the BSODs after that. I will run Secunia and add all the exclusions that you mentioned to both BD and MWB and then monitor. Also, something is wrong with the MWB Forum authentication - I set my password earlier this week when I logged in and then I tried earlier today to log in with it but it said it was invalid. I figured perhaps I mis-remembered it so I changed it to what I thought it was before and wrote it down on a scrap of paper.
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the guidance. I followed the uninstall / reinstall steps and immediately got a couple more BSODs afterwards when in Chrome. I turned off the Malicious Website Protection and that seemed to prevent the occurrences, but I think MWB turns this back on somehow in the background - so now today I am getting BSODs again. Any further help would be welcome as I rely on this PC for my livelihood and I cannot have it constantly shutting down. I am tempted just to uninstall MWB and request a refund as it seems like everything runs smoothly when it is not operational on
  6. Hey guys, fairly new user with a brand new desktop build - running Windows 10 64 bit. About three weeks ago, I was getting the BSOD with a message of BAD_POOL_HEADER and I refreshed my computer and gradually reloaded all my prior applications. For the past week and a half, everything has been running fine without the BSOD. This morning I realized that I never re-installed Malwarebytes. With an hour of re-installing it, I got 3 BSOD's - I could be wrong, but I have a feeling these events are related. I un-installed it and haven't gotten a BSOD since. The BSOD seems to occur when I am open
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