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  1. @digmorcrusher and @AdvancedSetup, thank you for your replies. Ironically, I was without broadband connection for a couple of weeks so couldn't get back on the forum earlier... Anyway, back to the original issue - a couple of days ago I got my connection back so I deleted and re-installed Chrome. That took me from version 49.xxx to 50.0.26661.94 and it worked perfectly for a day, but yesterday the same problem with Chrome not starting due to ''Protection Against OS Security Bypass - Exploit ROP gadget attack blocked" came back. I read through other threads, noticed people referring t
  2. Hi, I can't access Chrome at all, either. Tried to follow the suggestions above, but apparently Flash is embedded in Win8.1, so I can't uninstall it. I got a message saying to get up-to date version of IE to make sure Flash is up to date - it turns out I have the latest version already. I'll try to uninstall and reinstall Chrome to see whether that helps.
  3. Hello, I was on a 14 day trial for Malwarebytes and had a free version of Anti-Exploit. My trial version expired yesterday and I clicked on 'end trial' to switch to a free version. Now, for some reason Anti-Exploit doesn't let Google Chrome run - as soon as Chrome loads, a pop-up from Anti-Exploit appears saying 'Exploit ROP gadget attack blocked'. Does it mean Chrome is not safe to use or is Anti-Exploit over-reacting? Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening, or do I just need to uninstall/reinstall Anti-Exploit? I've been trying to attach a screen shot of the pop-u
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