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  1. Treed DId you read the names of ***ALL*** the files in the pictures? Are each and every single one of them 'bad' files? What about Library/Application Support/AppPolicy and Library/Application Support/AppCommon? What if I end up deleting something important? I don't see a restore option in malwarebytes. Nor the option to create a backup of the files I would delete as a fail-safe. They seem like normal folders to me. I just don't want to mess with a mac since I have very little knowledge on how to fix it if I screw it up. That's the only reason I'm being
  2. My mac has been running very slow. Half the pages I visit finish loading and do not display the page at all. I have to refresh the page several times and still nothing. Then there is this turbomac ad - almost 3 or 4 on every page I visit There is an offerz4u ad which appears like a horizontal comic strip at the bottom of the page with a option to close by crossing it. it sometimes appears on the middle of the page like a vertical comic strip too. Even outlook and gmail weren't opening. The offline outlook account that says "Mail" on mac --- all the accounts were deleted and
  3. Firstly, thank you for the prompt replies. I did a lot of reading between the time I posted this and now since I wasn't sure how long it would take for someone to reply. I fixed the right click issue by downloading something called ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows - NirSoft http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html It instructed me to open and launch the program and disable all the extensions with type context menu one by one. This was when I had MBAM and bitdefender still on my system. Both refused to be uninstalled. I disabled all of BD and MBAM on
  4. HELP I scanned with malwarebytes It suggested 42 harmful prgrams that included malware and PUPs. After quarantine, I deleted them without thinking. There were a lot of ones that had the word HKEY and root in them followed by a lot of numbers in {} brackets. Now, everytime I right click on the desktop, or an icon on the desktop, windows explorer crashes and restarts, again and again. My bitdefender somehow started showing problems and at this time I was unaware I screwed up by deleting the files, so I reinstalled. THe reinstall didn't take and now I'm unable to install
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