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  1. I'm not sure where the right place to report this is, but I've just received an email from Malwarebytes inviting me to take part in an online survey. Unfortunately, when I click on the "Take survey" in the email, I get an error message from Survey Monkey saying "We can't find the page you're looking for." So it looks like the link is broken.
  2. I see that there's another thread on this issue: "W7 error Mal not turned on", where the Malwarebytes team have acknowledged that there is a problem. I've tried exiting and restarting Malwarebytes as suggested, and this does indeed set the Action Status correctly after a minute or so. I''ll assume that you have all the diagnostic data that you need from the other thread, so will leave it at that.
  3. Unfortunately on booting up again this morning Windows once again thinks that Malwarebytes is not running. No doubt I can fix it again the same way as last time, but doing that every day after booting up would quickly become tedious. (I like to switch my PC off overnight.)
  4. Apologies for, I think, having posted this in the wrong place. Anyway I seem to have fixed the issue by, in Malwarebyte's options, switching registering with Windows' Security Center off and the switching it back on again.
  5. I have Windows 7 Home Premium. I upgraded to v4 of Malwarebytes yesterday and it seems to be running just fine. However since I booted up my machine this morning Windows Action Centre has claimed that Malwarebytes is not running even though it is (and has even carried out its daily scheduled scan). Trying to switch Malwarebytes "on" in Action Centre has no effect - it still thinks that Malwarebytes is off. This is no more than a minor annoyance, but does anyone have any ideas on how I might fix it?
  6. How did that zip file get there? I didn't consciously attach it. Anyway, I seem to have spoken too soon in thinking that Malwarebytes was to blame. The culprit seems to have been AVG, which I still had running from the days before MB was a full anti-virus product and hadn't seen any pressing need to remove. It seems to have just done a major update of itself without bothering to inform me, which seems to have introduced an incompatibility with something on my machine, possibly with MB but I'm not sure. Anyway, I've now uninstalled AVG, and touch wood all now seems to be fine.
  7. I haven't had any problems up to now using Chrome under Windows 7 32-bit. However today I found that every time I launched Chrome it would hang almost immediately, sometimes locking up the whole machine as a result, and the only way to close Chrome down was to reboot the machine. I've now turned off Malwarebytes Web Protection, and Chrome is behaving normally again. So I suspect that the most recent Malwarebytes update may have broken something. I'm using v / 1.0.421. (I've not been using the Malwarebytes Chrome extension.) mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. I have seen this behaviour too. I think it occurs when the program is downloading a data update. One or more types of realtime protection get temporarily turned off, and cannot be turned on again manually by the user while the update is in progress. However the program turns them back on once the update has been completed. That's understandable behaviour, but that it flags up a warning message in those circumstances isn't ideal.
  9. Thanks. The scan in question was done about 09:000 UTC, which must have been just before it was fixed. I've just done another scan, and all is now fine.
  10. This morning when Malwarebytes did its daily scan I was surprised when it claimed that Adware.FileTour.BatBitRst had been detected in a handful of files, as I think that all of the files have been on my machine for some time without ever having been previously flagged. I suspect that the Malwarebytes threats database has just been updated and that this has introduced a new false positive. The files that were flagged were: C:\\USERS\\JOHN HALL\\DOWNLOADS\\WRAR550.EXE C:\\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\\ALL USERS\\APPLICATION DATA\\MICROSOFT\\NETWORK\\DOWNLOADER\\QMGR0.DAT C:\\PROGRAMDATA\\APPLICATION DATA\\MICROSOFT\\NETWORK\\DOWNLOADER\\QMGR0.DAT C:\\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\\ALL USERS\\APPLICATION DATA\\MICROSOFT\\NETWORK\\DOWNLOADER\\QMGR1.DAT C:\\PROGRAMDATA\\APPLICATION DATA\\MICROSOFT\\NETWORK\\DOWNLOADER\\QMGR1.DAT C:\\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\\ALL USERS\\MICROSOFT\\NETWORK\\DOWNLOADER\\QMGR0.DAT C:\\PROGRAMDATA\\MICROSOFT\\NETWORK\\DOWNLOADER\\QMGR0.DAT C:\\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\\ALL USERS\\MICROSOFT\\NETWORK\\DOWNLOADER\\QMGR1.DAT C:\\PROGRAMDATA\\MICROSOFT\\NETWORK\\DOWNLOADER\\QMGR1.DAT The first item is the installation file for WinRAR 5.50, an archive zipper/unzipper that I installed and have been using since February with no ill effects. The others were I believe downloaded as part of the monthly automatic Windows Update (I'm running Windows 7 32-bit).
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