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  1. A late follow-up on this: I have been very short of time and my Bitdefender subscription was due for renewal anyway, so I tested Kaspersky. It had no problems coexisting with Malwarebytes, and I now subscribe to Kaspersky. This has resolved the issue that I raised with you - in fact, since the change of AV software, PC has once again been 100% reliable (touching wood very firmly).

    Thank you for your help along the way.


  2. 7 minutes ago, Maurice Naggar said:

    I would be curious to know just when the last install of BitDefender was

    + whether it was a upgrade over the top of a older version

    + whether Malwarebytes was the last one to be installed

    In addition to reviewing the 3 reports from the above step.

    I will try to dig out the neccesary info. I will also send the logs as requested. However, both will be tomorrow because it is evening time for me and I have a promise to keep!

  3. 2 hours ago, Maurice Naggar said:

    Hello TimBerlin.

    I would highly recommend some trust setting adjustments for BitDefender and our program as well.
    Generally speaking one needs to set BitDefender to trust the program components of our Malwarebytes In order for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Bitdefender  to work together instead of conflicting, you must configure both applications.  

    Let us know how it goes after this.  If there is a further hiccup ( and I hope it does not), then I will ask for a set of FRST reports.

    Please know the so-called flagging of mwac is just a coincidence since the service will be present in the stack.  But we have not found it to be the trigger for the B S O D.

    It may well be that there is another startup app that just happens to have an outdated driver.

    This is why we always suggest that you insure that all of your installed programs have the most recent updates.

    I have set the exclusions in both Bitdefender and Malwarebytes, as you instructed. I have also reduced the start-up apps to the bare minimum. Still the BSODs continue. The only thing that stops the BSODs is to disable Malwarebytes from starting. It does appear that mwac.sys or another Malwarebytes process is implicated in the BSODs.

    Please tell me what FRST reports you would find useful.

    Thanks for your help with this......



    43 minutes ago, usasma said:

    Try this:

    - Uninstall BitDefender
    - check to be sure that the driver is gone (if it's not, manually delete it)
    - download a fresh copy of the latest BitDefender
    - install it
    - check the driver version

    This is what I did earlier today.

    • Yes, the Bitdefender Uninstall tool removed the driver.
    • Yes, I downloaded and installed a fresh copy of the latest Bitdefender
    • Yes, I checked the driver version - still v7.00.16 (same as before)

    BTW this PC is running Windows 7; spec below.

    Further advice eagerly awaited......


    Computer name: IRIS
    Windows version: Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 6.1, build: 7601
    Hardware: H97-D3H, Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., H97-D3H-CF
    CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz Intel586, level: 6
    4 logical processors, active mask: 15
    RAM: 16GB


  5. Until 10 days ago, I never had a BSOD on this PC since building it in October 2015. Like others, recently I have been getting frequent BSODs of the BAD_POOL_HEADER flavour. WhoCrashed pointed at mwac.sys. I followed the advice given by Maurice Naggar in this post. In fact I followed it to the letter!

    Now I have other BSODs: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA then DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Again, WhoCrashed points to mwac.sys

    Following advice from Usamsa in recent posts, I checked bdfwfpf.sys both before and after removing/re-installing BitDefender & Mbam. The file date created shows as today, so it has been refreshed, but the file version (v7.00.16 of 9-Feb-2016) is the same as before.

    Advice please!

    Tim D


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