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  1. Hello, My firefox was infected with a pretty standard adware a couple of months back. It redirected pages to ads, had popups on certain pages and had links embedded on text which linked to ads. I ran MBAM and it detected several threats, all of which I deleted. My computer was fine for a while, but got reinfected again after a while. This time, nothing was detected using MBAM full scan. Running MSE and TDSSKiller came up with nothing too. I found that resetting my Firefox removed the adware, only to be infected a few days later. After a few times of this occurring, I noticed that Firefox would hang, and then crash right before getting re-infected. I also checked all extensions/add-ons and I recognize all of them and they are all pretty standard ones. I reinstalled Firefox and it didn't fix it either. Has anyone else encountered this before? And how do I get rid of this thing? Thanks!
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