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  1. Hello, I'm having the same problem since this morning...
  2. Hello all, Thanks for your advices. For information, the problem began when I decided to activate premium option 3 days ago. (I was using mbam for a long time before... ) As I said, yes the self protection is enabled (sorry, I said "auto protection" instead in my first message - my english is not good) and I don't want to disable it (I would like...). I tried to disable it to see, and a little bit later I've seen that messages stop to spam my event log. I re-enable self protection, and - immediatly - messages occurs in the event log, several per minutes. I tried to exclud
  3. Hello all, First of all, sorry for my english which is not very good, as I'm french ... :/ I'm new here and I'm using mbam since a long time as a good antimalware program in addition of an antivirus (currently KIS). Since few days, I'm testing the premium version to better protect my system, before buying it. But I discovered a big problème this morning : an repetitive error in the system event ! I look for info about it and found some other threads here on the same subject, but all were very old (about one year and moreover about old versions of mbam). So I decided to create
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